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Take your pick! One quite possibly could make a case for each definition of what once was the “Party of the People!”; and is now the very epitome of childish immaturity at least.

I find a vast amount of our representatives, on “both sides of the aisle”, or at least the ‘Anti-Trumpers’, to be irrational in their behavior. And Hillary Clinton had the audacity to call Republicans (or maybe just the Trump followers) as deplorable.

It is very sad to see our supposed leaders replacing patriotism and common sense with sheer politicism of their selfish and irresponsible personal agenda.

I am over 75, and unable to physically start a movement or even take part in one, and I hopefully wish that someone of a younger age would do so. I could and would support them with the written words of encouragement, and my prayers.

Our time has not passed, it is not too late to pick up the Flag and fight for our Republic.

The “good” will fight with us; the “sick” we must tend to and help; the “evil” and “treasonous” must be cast out.

On another perspective, I am angry as H____L that our Congress, a formal union assembled through vote of the people, and financially supported by the people, have the audacity to use the time we have given them to protect our Constitution and enact Laws to preserve our Nation, are finding it a time to embarrass our Country by fighting only for, and politicizing their own personal agenda. One can almost hear them saying “ ….the people be damned.…”!

I ask Sen. Schumer, Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Waters, Sen. Feinstein, et al, to research their own words during the Administration of President Obama, calling for Border protection and curbing of Illegal Immigration; try the years 2009 and 2011 for a start.

Can either of you tell me what has caused the change of mind?

Maybe I will take a stab at the answer:  you have become selfish Public Servants that have forgotten how you arrived at the wonderful life you now have. You have forgotten who put you in that position. All you can think of is that Donald Trump had the nerve to circumvent your plan to install Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.

Your “poor loosing” attitude is not just a selfish one, but it does seem to me that you have been so deeply affected and mentally disrupted in your plans, you will do whatever it takes to discredit him. Your actions, your words, your entire demeanor at this time, is, to me, so intensely Sociopathic, that I am not sure if you all should be removed from office forthwith due to an inability to perform the responsibilities of your office.

Perhaps that would be something to look into. Maybe we should also look into the Justice Department and question the unaccountable actions they have taken, and the rude actions of directly avoiding the requests of Congress.

They must all be reminded they ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!

President Trump and his entire Administration need the help of the American people. He cannot do this alone.

Be the first to step up, through your organization, your job, your family, your neighbors.


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