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Socialist economies are epic failures.  Leftists say capitalism only benefits the rich, but socialism benefits everyone.  No greater lie has ever been perpetrated on the ignorant.

Hillary says she believes;

“The economy should work for everyone, not just those at the top.”

“The economy grows from the middle out and the bottom up, not from the top down.”

(They only added the bottom up after I mocked them for saying it ‘grows from the middle out’ to which I said, “That’s not how the economy grows.  That’s how politicians get fat.”)

Still they get it wrong.  The economy only grows from the bottom up, but it is led from the top down, and capitalism is the only form of economics that has led to the creation and growth of a Middle Class.  No socialist nation has developed a middle class, but when socialists take charge of a rich nation they corrupt it and the middle class shrinks as we have seen happen to America under Obamaism.  They tax wealth away and regulate companies out of business in the name of “making the rich ‘pay their fair share’ of taxes” and the whole nation suffers for it.

“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

Venezuela is the prime example of how a people are corrupted by demagogues who tell them those who became rich did so by stealing from the poor.  They elected socialist Chavez to punish the rich.  Now the once prosperous nation is destitute, but Chavez died a billionaire.

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh

American capitalism dying the death of a thousand cuts by Democrats

Hillary says to ask Donald why he didn’t use American steel and why American steelworkers are filing for unemployment?  How about asking why Democrats had the EPA shut down American steel through regulations, just as Obama shut down coal through executive orders when even his Supermajority Democrat Congress wouldn’t do it?  They say it’s because they couldn’t lessen pollution to keep the environment pristine and our water pure.  This is all part of the global warming fraud.  Now America is buying coal from China, one of the nations from whom Obama borrowed a trillion dollars to funnel to his Wall Street cronies.

How about asking Obama why he instituted the ObamaCare tax that gives health insurance at increasingly super high costs to almost everyone and helps to cover almost no one because of its extreme deductibles?  This was all just a plot to ruin business and the healthcare system to make desperate, foolish people turn to the government to solve the crisis they created.  And their solution is always for the people to give them more of their money.

Democrats say climate change, not Islamic terrorism, is the greatest threat to our existence.  If that is so then why wasn’t there a single question in the debates about it?  Why is Obama bringing millions of Islamists to America who want to overthrow the Constitution and install Sharia in its place and how is that not a threat to America’s existence?  Yes, the land will still be here and there will still be people on it, but it won’t be America anymore if it submits to Allah.

Hillary says students aren’t finding jobs and are suffering from crushing college debt.  But that’s because colleges are not teaching business, ethics, and capitalism.  They are teaching socialism, government, and dependency.  Leftists have taken over America’s educational system and corrupted our young by smearing American history.  They have corrupted their minds against everything that has made America great to the point that they are now saying America was never great.

Tax the rich, save the planet from global warming, and socialized medicine are all leftwing scams designed only to part fools from their money.

The facts about how the rich grow the economy

Taxing the rich is still stealing from the Middle Class.  Trickle down economics isn’t “Voodoo economics,” it’s a description of how a growing economy works.  People produce goods that others want to buy.  They pay their employees who then buy what they need.  The entrepreneur starts a business because he wants to profit from his hard work.  If you own a company and want to pay yourself $1,000,000, and the government says they are going to tax you more, are you going to just give $700,000 of it to the government so you only make $300,000?  No, you’re going to cut jobs and pay yourself $3,000,000 so you still end up with the million you want to pay yourself.  The $2,000,000 that would have gone to salaries for more people for your company to grow is instead going to the government.  They then divvy it up between themselves and their rich friends and throw a bone to their ignorant voters.

How profits, taxes, and global warming science actually work

Government does not give rich people more services.  The rich do not benefit from government supplying them with educated employees, roads and bridges, or police and fire protection with money they produce.  Government does not supply it to them out of the goodness of their hearts or because the people pay for them.  They do not benefit from services “the rest of us paid for” as the deceitful Elizabeth Warren asserts to ignorant listeners.  Those government services exist because rich people pay for them.  The rich have always been able to buy more protection or healthcare or a better education for themselves.  Their employees benefit from those government services as well by paying their own taxes that are much less than what the rich businessman pays.  That is how a community works together.

Contrary to Democrat beliefs, Government produces nothing including money.  The services they provide are not provided by them but by the taxpayers who fund them.  Government is not a producer, but a service.  Barack Obama does not sh*t gold bricks.  Government only has money they take from people as taxes, and those people only have that money because they have jobs.  This is what makes Obama, Hillary, and Warren galactically stupid.  They believe they can borrow and print money without consequence until the hyperinflation and unemployment dries up their taxpayer farm and they kill the Golden Goose.

“He who does not teach his son a trade, teaches him to steal.” – Rabbi Yehuda

Rich people do not hoard wealth except in times of strife like when someone threatens to take it from them as Democrats do.  Stealing from the rich is not how honest people get wealthy, but how dishonest people do.  Becoming rich is not a product only of greed and theft except on the left.  Those who are honest that become rich do so through trade and use their money for good things.  They give more to charity than a thousand employees with Middle Class incomes.  And when they make profits, that money doesn’t sit in banks or under their mattresses.  They invest that money in business, their own or others, so it can grow.  Even Jesus acknowledged this and admonished those who sat and did nothing.

Matthew 25:14-30 The Parable of the Talents

America’s future depends on you

If you don’t understand this then you should try watching The Apprentice and Shark Tank and learn about business and competition.  Business does not grow when government supplies it and protects it from competition as Democrats do.  And people do not prosper when government takes the profits and wealth that would be used for that growth.  That is why socialism always goes bust.  Socialists come in to prosperous economies and take until the money is gone.  You never see a socialist government grow an economy.

Yes, some corporate leaders in the past have been greedy Robber Barons who worked employees on starvation wages as slave labor if not actual slaves.  But those were Democrats whose corporations were broken up by Republicans just as they fought a war to end slavery.  It was Democrats, not Republicans, who demanded slavery not be abolished from the original Constitution.  Some of them did become Republicans and it has been they who corrupted the party to behave like Democrats.

Even so, that didn’t stop Democrats from coming back decades later to put their own thugs in charge of the unions.  They set them up to steal from the workers to pay for their politicians to steal more from their competition.  Beginning with Wilson Democrats campaigned on taxing the rich.  When they succeeded in corrupting the public they got their power and the economy would always go into depression.  Every time Democrats have gotten a Supermajority the American economy has gone into a depression; Wilson, FDR, Carter, and Obama have all brought America low.  Once Democrats got sufficient power they created a welfare state under FDR and LBJ to make desperate oppressed blacks their voter slaves.

The only reason people are confused about why the South is Republican and the North Democrat today is because they don’t understand the great migration that occurred in the 1980s to escape northern corruption.  Instead, leftwing propagandists warp the minds of the poor and tell the Republicans became the KKK and Democrats become Lincolnites.  Yet in eighty years following Democrats blacks haven’t figured out how their welfare state has destroyed their families beginning with FDR’s Raw Deal.

In 1920 black families had an out of wedlock birthrate of 8%.  In the time that Republican Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for civil rights because he saw that figure rise to 25%, but he didn’t expect his brothers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to betray him to Democrats.  Now that figure is 75% and desperate blacks continue to vote Democrat year after year on the promise that Democrats will make their lives better.  It’s the definition of insanity.

Hillary’s America

Democrats have put America $20 trillion in debt and have been feeding Wall Street $800 billion in taxpayer dollars every year of Obama’s presidency.  They have crushed our economy and called on the people to make them all powerful to save them from greedy capitalism and climate change.  Democrats have shrunk our military and allowed terrorists to succeed in bringing their Jihad to America.

The Federal Reserve Bank that Democrats created, which the Founders warned against, has kept interest rates at close to zero.  You can bet that if Republicans are elected and start growing the economy that Democrats will nuke the economy again even worse than in 2008 and blame Republicans and capitalism.  America has been set up to take a fall and Democrats have set up Republicans to be the scapegoat to take the blame.

Clinton Cash

Once they establish one party rule then the destruction of America as founded will be complete.  The transformation of this great into a new socialist dictatorship, in which only the nobility prospers, will be complete.  America will no longer be great to the world, only to the Left who will hoover up the wealth until it is all in their hands.  Progressives will have succeeded in regressing America back into the days of kings which is where Democrats have always wanted it to be so they can lord over their lowly peasant slaves.

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