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Oh Colin. Do we have to keep talking about Colin Kaepernick, the bench-warming back-up Quarterback of the hapless San Francisco 49ers? I guess it’s this or the most momentous debate in the history of humanity, or any species – terrestrial or otherwise.

As I’m writing this on Monday evening for publication on Tuesday, I really can’t comment on the debate, as it hasn’t happened yet. Short of Hillary collapsing on stage or having some sort of seizure, I don’t predict anything too momentous coming out of it anyway. I will predict that both Hillary and The Donald clearly won the debate, according to CNN (Hillary) and Fox News (Trump). That’s a pretty safe prediction.

Back to Kaepernick. According to the American Spectator, we are once again a nation divided along racial lines and Kaepernick appears to be the new poster boy for this apparent black-separatist movement. The Spectator cites a poll conducted recently by E-Poll Market Research, which showed that Kaepernick was liked “a lot” by only 16 percent of blacks just two years ago, but that it has rocketed to 42%.

Blacks are angry and evidently see him as a beacon, shining a light (but not a white light) on American institutional racism, of which we know there is none. Actually, that’s not entirely true and I’ll get to that in a moment.

The article points out that institutional racism did exist decades ago and the result was similar. Blacks took to streets in protest and the protests invariably degraded into rioting and clashes with police. But back in the sixties, blacks did have a legitimate beef. Today their beef is almost entirely fabricated and many of the protesters are actually paid to be there. I guess that’s not entirely accurate either.

In the mid 1960s, things were supposed to be fixed by the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, but they did little to tumblr_lew3vlbxic1qdaeyxcounteract the framework for institutional racism that was achieved by President Lyndon Johnson’s grand socialist scheme – the Great Society.

This framework, set up by the racist Johnson and other black-hating white democrats, is the source of every ill befallen black America today. Yet they don’t see it this way. How could they. Blacks today, particularly the poor and uneducated in the inner city, are poor and uneducated as a direct result of the Great Society and its various wars on everything. They have purposely never been taught about the horror that is the Great Society.

The war on poverty did nothing to solve the problem – it exacerbated the problem, replacing the two-parent family with a single mom wedded to a government handout. Since then illegitimacy has skyrocketed and has become the rule, rather than the exception. In 1940, the rate of black illegitimacy was 14%. By 1965, black out-of-wedlock births climbed to 25% – a marked increase, but still not an epidemic.

Then Johnson’s brainchild began to kick in. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act saw the beginning of the end to a properly educated minority population, as it massively increased only public school funding. We see the result of this protectionist racket.

The Immigration Act forever altered the American landscape by replacing the quota system with what we see today – virtually no system at all. The influx of cheap labor has negatively affected the now uneducated black population more than any other. No jobs = more angst.

The flaming racist/eugenist Margaret Sanger’s life’s dream is rapidly being realized as millions of black babies have been killed – more than the entire population of some countries. 78% of all Planned Parenthood abortion mills are situated in minority neighbors. Think that is by accident? Think again. More abortions = less personal responsibility.

The Omnibus Housing Act set up low income slums to house the single mothers. Now there is no practical need for a father in the inner city black household. Housing is provided by the government, food, education, healthcare – everything, which is why the illegitimacy rate amongst blacks is now around 75% and climbing.

I agree with the American Spectator and with Kaepernick. There is a great divide in America – those who wish everyone to succeed (us) and those who don’t (them). Our problem and his as well, is that most of America still doesn’t know the divide was and still is intentional and the source of greatest democrat power.


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