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The Democrats’ and President Trump’s positions on the wall are diametrically opposed.  Hillary Clinton insists: ‘There’s No National Emergency At Our Border’*; while the President insists we have a National Crisis.

Obviously, someone is lying.  Just consider the facts:

Drug Cartels have turned Mexico into an extremely dangerous and violent country.  In 2018, Mexico suffered 40,000 murders. A Mexican Mayor was shot and killed the day he took office.  Just today, Hugo Figueroa, a cattle rancher was kidnapped, tortured, tied up and then killed. In 2018, Cancun had 540 homicides.  Last week, dismembered body parts were dumped outside the Mayor’s office.  In January 2019 alone, there were another 30 executions in Cancun.

Drug Cartels bribe Mexican Politicians and get co-operation in return:  In a NY Court, El Chapo’s accountant admitted they regularly bribe Mexican politicians; and that  they paid a $100 million bribe to former President Enrique Pena Nieto The Mexican Government, in turn, colludes with the Cartels; provides temporary visas, food and housing for the illegals; and clears the way for the busses to bring them to our border.

El Paso is a major smuggling route for drugs, illegals and even Islamic Terrorists:  Today, the President had a massive rally at the border.  Beto O’Rourke (D) who represented El Paso, claims Ciudad Juarez, just across the border, is perfectly safe and the wall is unnecessary.  Yet in 2018, 1123 people were murdered in Ciudad Juarez vs 23 in El Paso.  Juarez is renowned for beheadings, gunfights, kidnappings and drug trafficking; and is among the world’s  most dangerous places, and the most dangerous city in the Western Hemisphere!!  El Paso itself is headquarters of a sophisticated narco-terror ring operated by two of the FBI’s most wanted.

The  Border Patrols says they are completely overwhelmed by Central American Migrant Families  There was a 70% rise of illegals in FY 2019.  The El Paso Sector (New Mexico and parts of West Texas), witnessed a 1,588% rise of illegals in Jan ‘19 compared to Jan ‘18.   Multiple 12,000-strong caravans are on the way.  According to Gallup, 42 million Latin Americans want to enter America, 5 million plan to enter within the next 12 months!!

Various Entities, including the American Taxpayer, are providing the funds for the smuggling operation: These “penniless” migrants are very well dressed.  Someone is soliciting them; supplying them with new clothes, knapsacks, sleeping bags, food and lodging; and paying for their busses. Democrats and Leftist billionaires who want their votes and cheap labor are supplying funds via NGO’s they control.  The UNHCR is in Mexico supplying funds for “migrants.”  But ultimately, a large amount comes from the American taxpayers themselves.  We provide money to our government, which provides a major portion of the UN & its UNHCR budget. Thanks to our corrupt Judges; we are forced to provide funds for attorneys for illegals who haven’t even entered America; health care for those who arrive sick; and board and lodging for the nearly 100% of those who arrive and claim “asylum.”

Bringing illegals into America is big business.  Drug Cartels collect people from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador and bus them to the border. Drug Cartels use the strategy of tying up border patrol by sending in large family groups through remote areas and then moving drugs through other locations.   The cartels also smuggle Islamic Terrorists at double the fee of regulars.  These Special Interest Aliens, (SIA’s) are stashed in Acala and then mingled with illegals attempting the crossing.

The Cartels collect up to $15,000 per person they bring in, about $50 million a month.  Illegals frequently borrow the cost of their passage from relatives/friends in America.  But illegals remain under the control of the coyotes.  Some smuggle in drugs to pay for their transport. Some use their US benefits &/or wages to “pay back” the “costs” of their transport.   Others remain, slaves of the cartels, working for a pittance and even working as sex slaves.  Allowing a massive influx of illegals into America results in America also falling under the control of Drug Cartels.

The Cartels’ Drug Business is estimated to bring in a staggering  $40 Billion a year:  They bring in 90% of the deadly Fentanyl and 70,000 Americans have died each year. On January 31, 2019, Customs and Border Patrol seized enough Fentanyl to kill 115 million people.   Court records show how wealthy the drug lords are:  Juan Carlos “Chupeta” Ramirez Abadia, told jurors that he forfeited a Billion in assets. Vicente Zambada, the son of El Chapo Guzman’s partner, told the court he also forfeited a Billion.

Democrats never support Americans, not even when MS-13 gangs kill us. MS-13 has taken control of many American cities.  Last week, an MS-3 gang member shot and killed a man at a subway platform in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ NY district!  Illegals commit a huge number of crimes against Americans, including 4000 murders; but Democrats argue they are not as bad as native Americans, as though that is a reason to bring more illegals in here. Democrats won’t even allow Gold Star Moms and Dads to speak of their murdered family members.

Illegals are bringing in Third World diseases, long eradicated in America:  Diseases like drug-resistant TB, Chikungunya, Dengue Fever, Meningitis, Hepatitis, flesh-eating bacteria and even medieval diseases like Typhus, are popping up all over California. Typhus epidemics are now raging in Los Angeles, Burbank, and Huntington Beach.

Drug Cartels are helped by Democrats’ public funding of drug use & protection of criminal illegals.   We give money to the government, which gives addicts EBT cards, which are converted into cash to buy drugs from dealers. Thus, our money goes up the chain to the Cartels.  Democrat politicians further Cartel business by creating “sanctuary cities;” writing laws like CA’s AB47 and AB57 which minimize penalties for cartel members who use and sell guns engage in drug dealing etc; refusing to hand over convicted criminal illegals for deportation and instead releasing them onto our streets.  Democrats’ demonization of ICE as Racists, Nazis, Hitler, KKK are just another means of protecting Cartel agents.  Right now, Democrats are trying to convert all of America into a  Sanctuary Country by holding up wall funding; demanding reductions in the number of ICE agents, restricting ICE’s ability to detain illegals, and capping the number of criminal aliens who could be deported.  

Drug Cartels Businesses are promoted by Democrats who affirmatively encourage increased drug use by providing free needles (41,000 a month in San Francisco alone); creating “safe spaces” for drug addicts to inject their drugs; allowing public vagrancy; and failing to provide proper drug treatment or even pass laws which would force addicts to go into treatment.  As a result, Democrat-controlled cities like San Francisco, Portland and Seattle are now Third World shit holes with massive mounds of trash, feces, rats and used needles. In Portland, because of harassment and threats by the homeless, residents make a 911 call every 4 minutes! See: Portland, Shithole City:  Capital of Antifa, Drug Addiction, Degeneracy & Depression.

Drug Cartel Businesses are protected by Democrat Politicians who insist on keeping the border open at all costs.  They make absurd arguments: the wall is immoral, racist, costs too much, won’t work, won’t deter illegals, people can climb over or dig under etc.  But 65 countries have built walls since the Berlin Wall fell.  Hillary, Nancy, Chuck and Hollywood hypocrites all have armed bodyguards and live behind walls.  They claim they “want to secure the border;” but Democrats are doing everything in their power, using Congress and corrupt judges, to prevent President Trump from securing the border.  Obviously, they want the border kept open.

Why do Democrats want open borders?  If we built a wall, everyone would have to come in through our ports of entry; and the Cartels couldn’t make $50M/month smuggling illegals.  Smuggling drugs would also be much more difficult, and this would cut into the Cartel’s $40B/year drug business.

Pretty obviously, Democrat Politicians are colluding with the Drug Cartels.  Equally obviously, exactly like Mexican Politicians, American Politicians are also accepting funds from the Drug Cartels.

Meantime, ordinary Americans are being replaced by Illegals.  We think we’ll be able to vote out the Democrats.  But they are importing illegals and giving them the right to vote.  Therefore, our votes will no longer matter.  In California alone, more people voted that there were adults who could vote!!  Obviously, illegals voted. The Democrats and the Swamp will continue to rule us; except they will replace American citizens, who will not vote for them; with illegals, who will.

Are you still going to sit silently while they do everything possible to destroy our PresidentTrump?   Or are you going to use all your energies to help him win again so he can protect our country?

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