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This week, Donald Trump signed an executive order to try to claim credit for rolling back his own cruel policy of separating immigrant children from their families — but this fight is NOT over, Adrian. Here’s what we know as of this morning:

  • More than 2,300 children woke up today without their parents — and the Trump administration still has no real plan for how to reunite those children with their parents. Some families are still separated by more than a thousand miles since children were sent to detention facilities in other states while their parents are detained at the border.
  • Families could be detained indefinitely and children could still be jailed in cages and tent cities.
  • Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy remains. Parents and children could still be separated from their families while parents are charged and taken to court.
  • Trump’s executive order does nothing to fix the chaos or the humanitarian crisis at the border that he created.
  • Not a single Republican has signed on to the Keep Families Together Act — legislation that ends family separation and outlines a plan to reunite families.

If you are angry and want to do something to help reunite immigrant families, add your name to demand Republicans join Democrats and pass the Keep Families Together Act.

The Keep Families Together Act is a permanent solution to end family separation and put policies in place to protect families and ensure they are reunited.

Right now the bill is sponsored by every Democrat in the House and Senate, but it’s going to require everyone demanding Republicans in Congress take action and pass this bill immediately to reunite families.

Add your name to tell Congress to pass the Keep Families Together Act.

We will keep you updated and share more information as this situation unfolds. Thanks for being part of this fight.

Xochitl Hinojosa, Communications Director
Democratic National Committee


Dear Xochitl:

Are you a citizen or legal alien?  Please be here informed if any American parent took his children on a 2,000 mile train trip on the top of a boxcar, hanging on for dear life unable to go to sleep without falling off to a horrible death then be subjected to a 50 mile walk through rattlesnake infested desert with no water or food sources they would be set upon by any of the Child Protective Services in any of our 3141 counties, without exception!  And, said parents would soon be in prison for a long time for that crime having demonstrated parental incapacity.  To do less for alien children is racist, therefore:  Democrats are racists!

Adrian Vance

iPatriot Contributers


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