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“Republicans are destroying the government, the country, and the planet.  Democrats help the poor, refugees, and dreamers.”  This is how leftists believe they can take back power and continue to deconstruct America.

The Democrat Party that believed in America died when they killed John Kennedy.  They were the Democrats who believed in prospering off the wealth of America by duping the people into believing they were helping them.  The federal bank, voter fraud, the New Deal, welfare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, civil rights, corrupting education, Feminism, global warming, Gay Rights, illegal immigrants, drug running, Islamic refugees, an activist judiciary, and domestic spying on the Right are all part of the Democrat dream to fundamentally transform America.  They no longer want to just prosper from America’s wealth by stealing it.  Now they want to kill the Golden Goose by destroying its foundational principles as a Christian republic and remake her into a totalitarian socialist state with themselves in charge.  They are willing to sacrifice the American citizens who built this great nation in the name of becoming the global elite.

Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker asks, “Why do leftists hate America?”

I have the answer for him.  They hate America because America was founded as a Christian nation, and her ideals have been based on Christian values, and those values are what built America into the greatest nation in history.  They hate America because good people can prosper through inventiveness, productivity, and trade, while they believe in prospering by stealing from the rich to become powerful so they can steal people’s lives for their own benefit.  The Left is the ideology of slavery with themselves as the masters.  They believe in the totalitarian state wherein the people serve the state, i.e. them, just as is done is Islam, Communism, Nazism, and all the fascist regimes.  They despise being held down by our Constitution, free speech, voting, and armed citizens of a free people.

Democrats campaign for their doctrine to be reinstated as the guiding force in American politics.  The Obama Doctrine of reducing American power in the world, shrinking the American economy to make more people dependent on government, unleashing the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Middle Eastern governments and renew the Jihad to re-establish the Caliphate in pursuit of global domination by Islam are just the visible manifestations of liberalism.  Squandering the wealth for which Americans worked under the guise of repaying what America stole from the world, and teaching America’s children that they are the inheritors of thieves who are killing the planet in their mindless greed, that socialism and Islam are good and not the ideologies of slavery that history always proves them to be, is all designed to dupe the ignorant to believe that good is evil and evil is good.  They don’t teach history of America stopping the Islamic Barbary Pirates enslaving travelers, aborting slavery at the expense of her own people’s lives, crushing the global domination dreams of the Nazis and Imperial Japan, and breaking the back of Communist Russia enslaving Eastern Europe.

The Grand Strategy of America has always been to stand against totalitarian regimes, but Democrats want to be the ruling totalitarian regime.  The Left teaches fascism as righteous and so deludes their followers that they believe those whom they oppose are the fascists.  This is the result of lacking a moral compass and corrupt teaching that warps ethics.  There is a fine line between righteous punishment and wicked domination by force and leftists are so far over it that they cannot see it.  Democrats have them convinced that shutting down free speech through violence is freedom, not fascism.  They have them believing that open borders is compassionate, not a way to burden taxpayers, dilute the electorate, and supply drugs to keep the rabble stupid.  They have convinced them that people who work for a living are greedy if they succeed in business and that stealing from them is right.  They have duped the people into believing Democrats are helping them by stealing the wealth, not making them poorer.

Islamism and socialism – the in-your-face ideologies

What Lloyd Marcus should be asking is not, “Why do they hate us,” but, “How do we defeat their twisted propaganda?”  They hate us for being Christians.  They are taught that the Catholic Inquisition was the most heinous evil in history, not that they were Islam-lite.  The Jihad puts the Inquisition to shame as far as controlling the rabble goes.  Islam has destroyed a hundred times more lives than Catholicism at the height of the Inquisition and the Wars of Reformation.  The idea that Islam can be converted to a force for peace, let alone that it in any way represents peace, is the deluded dreams of the leftist who believes socialism improves the lot of the poor.  Socialism, like Islam, is an enslaver, not a savior.  What is false is the propaganda that is being indoctrinated into our children to believe lies rather than revealing them.  America’s revival must begin at home with parents teaching their children what is right rather than being their friends and allowing them to run wild doing what is easy.

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