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“A taxpayer voting Democrat is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders.”

Democrats originally came up with this analogy declaring that it applied to working people voting Republican.  Last any intelligent people checked, Col. Sanders was not offering chickens jobs!  Like South Americans who flee socialist states, Democrats flee high tax blue states for red state liberty, and then vote for democratic socialists to steal from everyone in their new homes.

Obama’s Fruits

Democratic socialism is not just an oxymoron.  No socialist state is democratic.  They are all dictatorships because people do not voluntarily surrender their wealth to the government.  Democracies always fail for the simple reason that people can be easily corrupted and those who do not contribute to society suck away wealth as parasites of society.  The greatest mistake Republicans ever made was changing voter registration laws to allow everyone to vote.  When people who do not pay taxes vote, they vote for panderers who promise to pay them benefits from the taxes of others.  In Rome they were called Plebs electing Bread & Circuses.  In modern America they are called welfare voter slaves.

People with money are fleeing Democrat controlled states as they tax away their prosperity.  The unfortunate result of this is that the stupid ones move to Republican controlled states where taxes are low and then vote for more Democrats to take their money.  These are the chickens that vote for Col. Sanders.  The rest of the masses that vote Democrat don’t pay taxes, Social Security, or FICA for Medicare, but they all take benefits from those.  Democrats think paying Social Security to old people is a waste of money.  Not one iota of their understanding involves comprehension that old people paid into Social Security their whole working lives for the very purpose of it being dolled back out to them when they could no longer work.

Social Security was a Democrat idea to save for people’s futures, but it was Democrats who began raiding Social Security in 1968 to take that money for themselves to spend.  During his rule, Obama pressed Congress to pass a law to steal people’s life savings from their 401ks and put that into Social Security.  Again, people who save their earnings for their own retirement voting for Democrats are the chickens voting for Col. Sanders to cook their gooses.  How dumb are liberals that they never learn?  How many times must Democrats promote stealing from the rich before they realize that all leftists are thieves?  Now Democrats can’t even flee their high tax states because their Democrat governments have put in place laws to steal money from anyone attempting to do so.  And when they are forced to stay they have less energy and must pay more to the government to heat and cool their homes because of leftist restrictions to “save the planet from global warming.”

Blue States Confiscate Wealth One Way or Another

What Californians should do to conserve electricity

This is why Democrats are importing foreigners illegally as cheap labor and welfare voter slaves.  As Americans grow up and come to understand that Democrats only steal wealth, not provide it or share it, they turn to Republicans to lower taxes, so people can keep more of what they earn.  Donald Trump is proof that businessmen, not lawyers, make the best leaders.  He understands how to make money, how much people need to keep their money, how important it is to have a government that works for the people, not for itself, and most essentially, how to counter the liberal fascist propaganda machine.

The Biggest Lie of the Democrat Party is,

“Democrats are for poor people, Republicans are for the rich.”

Democrats are for dumb deadbeats, Republicans are for the working people.  The Left promotes division, fascism, racism, ignorance, hate, greed, and envy.  They dupe fools into believing they are fighting for what is right when they are fighting for what is left.  These people desperately need an education.  Trump is providing that with his example, but he is being drowned out by the cacophony of leftist hate being spewed by liberal fascists.  The indoctrinated lemmings of socialism have closed their minds to the truth.  The only way to overcome them is not by compromise, but by defeating them and undoing the corruption that keeps them in thrall.

Washington is deeply corrupted, and the election system has been also.  To return power to the people, America needs voting to be done with picture ID and thumbprint proof on their paper ballots so that voter fraud, allowing dead people, illegal invaders, cheats who vote multiple times in multiple places, and Democrat pollsters who throw away Republican ballots can be stopped!  If you put ICE in every polling station in blue states their ballots would fall by 10%-20%.  Democrats want to lower the voting age to 16 because younger people are more ignorant and easier to dupe.

Democrats can never win when they speak the truth about their agenda or allow honest voting to take place.  That’s why they must lie to get elected, and that’s why they control the media to cover up the truth.  The Republicans making voting democratic instead of in accordance with the Constitution corrupted the system and that must be corrected.  People who do not pay taxes should not be voting to decide how they are spent.  Nothing good ever comes from having people who do not contribute to society determine how they should receive benefits from society.

Being allowed to register the to vote should have a requirement other than just the fact that they draw breath.  Democrats take away the rights of the unborn to ever draw a breath.  Why should they receive the right to vote for free just because they do?  Unless someone contributes at least $1000 to taxes to register they should not be voting on how taxes are spent.  It’s bad enough that Democrats instituted double taxation through the income tax.  It’s worse that they instituted welfare voting for government slaves.  When they choose to be slaves they choose to give up their rights and therefore should not have the right to take away the rights of others.  Freedom isn’t free – it was bought with the blood of patriots.  Voting should never be free to parasites.

Their new breed like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez don’t understand that America is still free and not controlled by foreign invaders to whom they appeal.  Like Democrats who flee blue state high taxes, they fled socialism and then stupidly vote for socialism like the chickens they are.  It may make them feel secure, but chickens don’t need the farmers to be in charge of their lives.  Letting the stupid chickens make decisions is not a healthy choice.  They don’t run around like chickens with their heads cut off for nothing.  Don’t let the chickens rule the roost or we’ll all end up in the fryer.

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