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I can’t think of a more hilarious concept than that. There Is NOTHING “Democratic” about socialism!

A socialistic nation REQUIRES an “authoritarian” government. That’s so they can TAKE the earnings of the PRODUCERS of society and GIVE it, unearned, to the MOOCHERS of society, who produce NOTHING. It is a system that REQUIRES there be SOME who earn and produce, to they can TAKE part of that earned and produced, for the benefit of those who earn and produce NOTHING. In so doing, they actively DISCOURAGE production, and thus earnings, because those producers soon realize that their earnings will soon be STOLEN from them by the system, so they soon stop producing and thus have no earnings to steal.

It pains me that there are many people so stupid as to WANT socialism in this country. Obviously, they are the very ones that socialism benefits, those who earn nothing and PRODUCE nothing, and are GIVEN everything by the government, in return for their VOTE, to keep the looters in government in power, so they can STEAL more, and “redistribute” it to those MOOCHERS. I cringe every time I hear a Dumocrat say the words “redistribute wealth,” because I know that wealth will have been STOLEN from somebody, and partly from ME. They propose all kinds of “programs,” such as paying college tuition for everybody, imposing a “universal minimum pay” for everybody whether or not they work.

And for those who DO work, for a while, a minimum wage of far more money than entry level workers with NO training are worth. What they never tell you is where the money is coming from, and how they’re going to be able to PAY for their high-sounding ideas. They want to convince us there are more than two sexes, which is an IMPOSSIBLE concept. If a baby has a penis, it’s a BOY. If a vagina, it’s a GIRL. It’s that simple. And that plain, they use double talk and pseudo science to “prove their point,” which does NOTHING to prove their point, proving only their stupidity.

They want to convince us that the weather is hotter or colder because of things that we do, which is another impossibility. There is NO WAY human beings can affect the weather, and changes in weather are CYCLICAL. They change from time to time, without input from us.

Socialism is based on a wholly faulty premise: taking from those who EARN and giving that taken to those who do NOT.

It is a system guaranteed to fail in the long run, because it produces NOTHING.

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