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Democratic Socialism and Corporate Socialism are the same Marxist political system and only differ by how you get there.  “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig”.  Democracy and Socialism are two incompatible political systems. Socialism (Planned and by definition authoritarian) and Capitalism (Free Market and essentially democratic) are economic systems.

With socialism, no one asks you how much of your goods you want to contribute, who you want to give it to, and how much each receives.  All goods (and power) go through those who control and plan the system and by human nature and greed, most of the power and goods end up with those who control it, essentially politicians.  That is why Scandinavia has abandoned socialism and it is why socialism has failed miserably throughout the history of mankind and should be fearfully resisted. 

Capitalism can concentrate wealth (and therefore power) in the hands of a few, (the Sheriff of Nottingham, for example), but in a democracy, the people can put restrictions and limitations on that power and unchecked accumulation of wealth (laws).  That is why Capitalism works best and is most compatible with democracy, liberty, and equality.  That is why the right to self-determination (pulling oneself up by their own bootstraps) is such a fundamental American principle that has led us to so much prosperity. 

That is also why we need to continue to limit the power of the government to only those areas that we need government for, as spelled out by our constitution.  With the protection and limiting of the federal government, the states, the local governments, and mostly the people themselves can do the rest.  This two and a half centuries old system is still the best system that man has ever come up with.  It can be made better and it has improved and adapted over the years, but it should never be completely changed or tampered with.  It is a system that encourages individuals to rise to their highest level.  Only those who lust for political power and wealth want oppressive socialism or those who have been brainwashed by those same politicians.

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