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The problem with liberal urban legends is…they’re not true. 

Does anyone know anything anymore, and if they do, is it more urban legend than truth?  Now and then a man-in-the-street will interview people.  If it’s questions about celebrities or sports figures, they know all the answers.  Ask them something about our country, its history, its method of governing, even the holidays we celebrate and you get blank stares, giggles or some of the most appallingly stupid answers you’ve ever heard!   There’s this thing called Common Core, a system of education foisted on the American people and their children.  It has confounded students, educators and parents alike.   There is nothing “common” in it despite the name.  It is nowhere near the experience level of the different parts of the country which, if you think about it, determines to a large degree what people learn about.  The idea of teaching students has been perverted.  Yes, they’re being taught, but they’re not LEARNING.  They’re being taught what the wusses want them to know…nothing more, nothing less.

Several companies advertise on television about acquiring gold and silver.  They are talking about real stuff, all the way from coins to bars I guess.  A couple of things come to mind about these commercials.  First, when they ship your gold or silver to you don’t you think the employees at the Postal Service know what’s in there, based on the return address?   No, I’m not saying the post office people would steal the package, but there is a chance for that.  Another thing, and this is in spite of the recent election, I have not changed my mind about the coming urban warfare.   That’s street-to-street fighting and it’s not going to be pretty.   Now, consider the man who has a bunch of gold or silver and he’s trying to find some food for his family.  He meets another man in the street and says that he will give some gold or silver in exchange for some food.  At that point, the second man pulls a gun, shoots the other, takes the gold and silver and goes on his way.  Yes, that’s as far-fetched as the package disappearing…but both of them are definite possibilities.

It’s still over a month before Mr. Trump is inaugurated and the Democrats are pulling out all the stops…and I suspect that they are pulling out their hair as well.   The indications are that Trump is going to do pretty much what he talked about on the campaign trail.   He set out a wide-ranging assortment of things he wanted to get done, and if his picks, so far, are any indication, I think he’s going to get them done.  If he does pick Romney as his Secretary of State that would be a huge mistake in my not-so-humble opinion.   Romney not only was not for Trump, but he made several pointed, very personal, remarks which went way beyond what might have been considered as “the loyal opposition” to make.   Trump and Romney have very diverse ideas as to how the State Department should be run, and what sort of “image” it might project, when you consider the above-mentioned differences of opinion.   So, in that regard my stance would be anyone-but-Romney.

The choice of Elaine Chao for Transportation Secretary is a good one.  She is well-versed in that department, having been the under-Secretary for Transportation under Bush 41.  She is, of course, a woman, and of an Asian(or is it Oriental) ancestry, and that shows that Trump is interested in diversity in his administration.  She will join Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina and if another well-qualified woman shows up, she might also be considered for an administration position.   Ben Carson was a good pick for Housing and Urban Development(HUD) but I would rather have seen him as the Surgeon General…but I’m not making the picks.  Oh, did I mention that Ms. Chao is the wife of“Mitch” McConnell, and that certainly solidifies the Senator’s place in Congress, I believe.

The appointment that is, probably, most important to me, as a retired service person, is the office of the Secretary of Defense.  I want to see General(retired) Mattis in that position.   He is extremely well-versed in warfare, and his Marines say they would follow him into Hell if he asked.   He’s a no-nonsense man and speaks his mind in a way that cannot be misunderstood.   Often quoted, he would be speaking for the President and they are both on the same page when it comes to bulking up the armed forces.  Mattis, often called “Mad Dog” by his Marines, could converse with General(also retired) Flynn over at the National Security Agency about what is needed and how to get it done.  As to the Secretaries of the various services, I’d prefer that they had served at least one “hitch” in that service and that they are also for returning the US armed forces back to the premier position in the world.


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