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Once again I ask you to STOP! LOOK!  LISTEN!

This week’s “Sit-In” was not about guns. It was not about terrorism.  It wasn’t really even about the Rule of Law.

It was about making our government work again. It was about people asking to be heard.

Our government isn’t really broken – it’s bought! It’s not really the size of government that we have– but who our government really works for?  The tree of Patriotism does not need to be refreshed with blood, it only needs occasional watering.

Kudos to Speaker Ryan for keeping a level head. His “measured approach” showed maturity.  He displayed good judgement when he could have called in the National Guard to restore order.

Thank God (and Periscope) – The message “IN GOD WE TRUST” was displayed during the entire time the House was not in Session. So glad there’s an APP for that!

The American people got the opportunity to see Democracy at work. The speeches were unscripted. They were not “approved”/censored/ blessed/sponsored by the powers that be.  I watched as a number of members in an unsteady minority took the podium to stand up for their beliefs.  And I watched as the ‘movement” grew – and the gallery filled.  What I saw was Democracy in action.  It took on a life of its own.  And the participants were energized by it.  Forget the issue that started it.  Pay attention to what it has brought about.

Both sides immediately drew their ‘line in the sand’. I hope that they didn’t also put cotton in their ears.  It always takes two sides to keep an argument going.  A third side is eventually necessary to uncover the truth! To make any progress at all, they are all going to have to listen to each other’s point of view.  If everyone really has the country’s best interest at heart that should not be too difficult.

Why do some say the Democrats should be ashamed of themselves? Is that only because we disagree with their method?  Do we agree with the message – or not?  Ignore the messenger – Hear the message.  Wade thru all the side dishes and get to the real meat of the issue.

Aside from the intermittent NO BILL – NO BREAK demand, there were several requests to take an open vote. Don’t ignore that – or shove it under that rug.  I guess it didn’t matter that the measure had already been defeated.  I also heard one of the participants say that Mr. Ryan asked what it would take to stop this.  Did he?  The answer was that he LISTEN.  Will he?  Is that such a terrible thing to ask?  What could it hurt?

Winston Churchill said:

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak;  Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

George Washington said:

If Freedom of Speech is taken away,  the dumb and silent will be led like sheep to the slaughter.

As we once again approach the 4th of July, let us refresh and give thanks for the principles on which this great nation was founded, and pray that the action taken this week  will open a meaningful dialogue among all interested parties..

Happy Birthday America!

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