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Think “Democrats are for the little guy?”  That’s true if you understand that they are for the little guy giving them their money.

Democrats have been stealing American’s wealth by hook or by crook for the last century.  90% of people do not understand that when Democrats propose government benefit programs that they are actually proposing scams by which they can part fools from their money.  Every program Democrats institute, every law they invoke, and every action they take is designed with only one purpose – to make themselves rich and powerful as the socialist elite.  If they can’t just put a gun to your head then they’ll do it behind your back as Obama has done for the last eight years.  He has funneled $800 billion a year to Wall Street as Quantitative Easing, Stimulus, etc., and added it to the federal debt, essentially stealing from future generations of American taxpayers.

But when it comes to today’s voters they do it by promising to create jobs and benefits that government neither creates nor facilitators, but takes money from those who work to dole out to their voter slaves.  And when they can’t take enough of the wealth then they establish a scam to convince you to give it to them.  They tell people anything from “it’s for your benefit” to “it’s to save the planet” if it will convince you to pony up the dough.

Here are the seven greatest scams ever perpetrated on the American people:

  • Social Security

Since people cannot be responsible enough to save toward their own retirement then the government does it for them.  This sounds sensible until that money is in the hands of Democrats.  After creating Social Security in ’32 they made it mandatory for everyone in ’39.  It didn’t take thirty years before the Democrat Congress of LBJ decided to raid the Social Security fund in ’68 and take the $4 billion surplus for their own use.  Since then SS has been in the general fund and Democrats use it as they please giving benefits that are supposed to be reserved for citizens who worked and paid into the fund.  Now they call it “insurance” and dole it out to young people who claim to be disabled because they can’t find work, and to illegal aliens who never paid a dime into it.  Whenever Republicans try to take their greedy mitts out of this piggy bank the Democrats scream that they’re going to destroy it and throw granny out on the street.

  • Medicare

Another boondoggle created in 1965 to help retired people afford rising medical costs.  Instead, corruption became so rife that they came up with more costs with fewer benefits.  This miniature version of socialized medicine should be people’s first indication of what life would be like if Democrats were to institute fully socialized single payer healthcare run by them.  Healthcare costs have been driven up by government just as they have driven up college costs so that people begin feeling desperate.  While created for the old and retired, Obama raided Medicare to help pay for ObamaCare taking $700 billion from old people’s healthcare to give it to his voter slaves.

  • Welfare

The system that has single-handedly destroyed the black family and made them Democrat voter slaves.  Welfare was meant to be temporary assistance to those who had difficulty finding work.  Instead it has become a bed of greed and sloth for those who sit at home, do drugs, make babies, and steal tvs for a living.  In the 90s, Republican Gingrich forced Bill Clinton to sign welfare reform so that those receiving it were required to seek jobs.  But most didn’t bother taking employment because welfare benefits were better than working for a living.  Obama removed even that small concession and now welfare is a hammock for the indolent poor.

  • Global Warming

What more noble pursuit than to “save the planet” from mankind’s pollution?  But the CO2 produced by man is miniscule compared to that produced by nature.  A hundred years of industry cannot compare to one major volcanic eruption in how much pollutants it puts into the atmosphere.  But it makes a great excuse for the government to regulate energy, and for Democrats, who are indebted to Middle Eastern Arabs and Chinese for their vast debt, to shut down oil and coal to make America dependent for energy on her foreign adversaries once again.  Fracking has put a kink in that, but that hasn’t stopped the Left from extolling how that is destroying the ozone.  Their solution is the only way to save life on planet Earth –give Democrats more of your money and more power.  Of course, the fact that they are batting zero in their predictions of what climate change will come doesn’t detract from their continuing to inflict this scam on our children.  The pity is that many of them are so uneducated that they believe what they are told.

  • ObamaCare

Has anyone noticed that the USA has, or rather had, the greatest healthcare in the world?  People in countries with socialized medicine come to America for treatment.  But there are too many deadbeats in the system that are taking welfare and demanding more.  Despite convincing them to try to keep their population down by exterminating the unborn, Democrats must establish a means by which they make certain they don’t live so long to be a bigger burden, especially those pesky old people who have figured out the scams.  Convince them that you will make healthcare affordable for them, if not free, and they will not only vote for you, but lick the filth of corruption off your shoes.

  • Illegal Immigration

Why live in any crappy socialist country in the world when you can come to America and make your fortune, or at least live well, or even live for free off of working taxpayers?  Vote Democrat and all this can be yours!  If you do have to work then you can work for Democrats at cut-rate wages while living in America rather than trying to live in your crappy homeland.  And what difference does it make to them if America because a socialist toilet like the countries they left?  Democrats have discovered the secret to keep companies from leaving America for cheaper labor and to avoid taxes by importing that cheap labor.  Let them work without being legally part of the companies so they needn’t pay taxes and illegals can live better than under the socialist dictators they left behind.  That is, until Democrats run out of Republican’s money.  Their solution is to force Republican businesses to leave the country and blame them for the problems Democrats cause.

  • Moslem refugees

Nothing says stupid like inviting your enemies who want to destroy the Great Satan and force everyone to submit to Islam to come live with you.  That happens in all wars, doesn’t it?  When people want to kill you, you invite them into your home so they can see what nice people you are and then they won’t cut your throat.  Surely the people who say Christians are evil because God has no son just want to get along, right?  They’ll be happy to live and work in America and make a fortune that they can’t make under an Islamist ruler and take what the kafir has for themselves.  When they have what they want then you infidels will either submit or be removed and made dhimmis as you deserve.

Count on Democrats and the GOP RINOs

Hillary Clinton has been proven to be the most corrupt person in government.  Barack Obama has been proven to be an anti-American Moslem socialist.  Why would you want to give them more of your hard-earned tax dollars?  Why would you not turn to Republicans who freed the slaves, broke up monopolies, allow businesses to grow, and brought civil rights to the nation?  Why would you rather complain about what Democrats have wrought rather than make a change?  Democrats know the definition of insanity, but rather than reject it they choose to live it.

On the flip side are Republicans who are busy forming their circular firing squad.  If Republicans had one tenth of the determination of Democrats to stand behind their candidate this election would not just be a landslide, it would be the cataclysmic destruction of the Democrat Party.  Democrats only stand for taking away more wealth and independence from the American people and putting them under the boot of socialists and their foreign enemies.  The GOP establishment would rather stand with them so they can continue to profit in Washington than have a businessman outsider come in and overturn their sandbox.

Why won’t the media broadcast Trump’s awesome contract with America?

Leftwingnut PSYOPS to destroy the righteous


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