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The chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez, recently announced in effect that pro life convictions were no longer welcomed in the party. Mr. Perez, a Catholic, went on to say that you can hold your personal beliefs but, in the case of abortion rights, keep them to yourself. I would imagine this would also apply to any of the other social issues the democrat party embraces.

This is deplorable and a regrettable turn of events that occurred following the candidacy of democrat Heath Mello, a practicing Catholic, running for mayor of Omaha, Nebraska. Mr. Mello was originally endorsed by all the usual radical liberal/progressive factions of the party, but upon learning of his pro life position they pulled their support. There were few democrats who voiced their objections against this bigotry, and that all should be welcomed in the democrat party.

On April 27 Cardinal Dolan of the United States Council of Catholic Bishops spoke out and called this radical position, by the party’s chairman to support only pro-abortion candidates, “intolerant and extreme”. The cardinal went on to say this was a “very disturbing” situation and urged democrats to challenge the leadership of their party.

This begs the question, although we should applaud the cardinal’s statement and defense of pro-life convictions, is this all there is. When is the Church going to take a firm stand, act with tough love, and take appropriate action when dealing with Catholics, especially those in the political class, who profess their faith but then turn around and reject the Church’s teachings. They should be given a choice, you’re either faithful to the Church or find something else more suitable to your needs and desires.


In a fit of a vulgarity, disrespect, and liberal hysteria, late night talk show host Stephen Colbert delivered to his approving audience of misfits and Trump-haters, a hearty helping of red meat for the hungry. In his monologue, Colbert issued insult after insult at the president that included “You talk like a sign-language gorilla that got hit in the head; the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s dick holster; Mr. President, I love your presidency, I call it a ‘Disgrace the Nation; You’re the presi-dunce, but you’re turning in a real prick-tator.

It is believed Colbert’s bawdy ravings were payback that stemmed from a rather tense interview the president gave to CBS anchor John Dickerson. The interview ended when Dickerson asked if the president stood by his unsubstantiated accusation that former president Obama tapped his phones at , Trump Tower. Following this Dickerson was ushered out of the Oval Office while the president referred to his CBS program as “Deface the Nation, and fake news”.

Colbert suffers from a conditions best explained by the often quoted Edmund Burke, “Men of intemperate minds cannot be free, their passions forge their fetters”.


Maybe it would be a good idea to conduct a survey among college students, Snowflakes, those indoctrinated spoiled brats who refuse to acknowledge another point of view, denying free speech, and even engaging in protests on campus whenever they disagree with a speaker.

Do they, the next generation of leaders, God help us, intend to spend the remainder of their lives in college, or do they hope one day to graduate and find employment in their fields of study. If this is the case, will they be ready knowledgeably to do the job, and mentally and emotionally adjusted to accept the reality of life and the workplace with all its diversity, different opinions and beliefs.


Recently introduced in New York City public schools by the Department of Education, are single-stall restrooms. According to the schools Chancellor Carmen Farina, the new installations will provide comfort and privacy for disabled kids, we can all agree with this, but also for the “transgender nonconforming students”. If you ask me, they just threw in the disabled reason to cover themselves from criticism.

During the Obama administration, the gender neutral restroom debacle that was forced upon schools through executive fiat, or else face the loss of federal funds. President Trump rescinded that order, but individual states can do as they please.


If ever there was the right opportunity to “Drain the Swamp”, or at least one of the many that exist, it was Monday, May 01, at a gala event in New York City celebrating the 100th anniversary of Planned Parenthood. The entirety of the celebrity and Hollywood elite, media, and political class all gathered together to applaud an organization devoted to the killing of the most innocent, the unborn who’s cries should echo in their morally corrupt and godless minds. But these barbarians hear not a thing, except the sound of the cash register.


Someone once said, “Liberty cannot be preserved, if the manners of the people are corrupted”. With each passing day liberals, progressives, and democrats lose any integrity and legitimacy they may have once possessed. Their ranting and hysterical outbursts in the media, cable news, Hollywood, and of course the political class are reaching a crescendo, and what usually follows, is free fall.

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