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The Democrat media calls Trump an insane, greedy businessman, and treat Hillary, whose greed they cover up, like a goddess.  But most of the people recognize the insanity of the liberal media propaganda.

CNN says Trump calls on gun owners to kill Hillary

Liberal media stories bashing Trump as a dangerously unstable psychotic sociopath who shouldn’t touch the nuclear button, while worshipping Hillary as a goddess, have reached such colossal proportions that even the most ignorant are seeing the media’s psychosis.  Don “Black Hole” Lemon at CNN, the priceless gem of galactic stupidity where intelligence goes to die by being sucked up into nothingness, argued psychotically with Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino.  When Bongino pointed out that the leftwingnut media was claiming Trump called on people to shoot Hillary, Lemon said that no one in the liberal media said that, and then proceeded to spend the rest of his time defending the leftwingnut media story that that’s what Trump did!

Don Lemon goes psychotic on secret service agent

The leftwingnut media have become so deranged that they think they can cover up the fact that people cannot see what they are doing, i.e., deliberately distracting the public from Hillary’s emails by claiming Trump is saying such horrible things that he is forcing them to cover his insanity instead.  It’s a media narrative designed for the some of the people who can be fooled all the time, but they actually think they can fool all of the people all the time.  The result – CNN’s ratings have plunged below MSNBCs!  You have to make an effort to be that bad, the worst of the liberal media, and CNN has succeeded in winning the gold medal for the Yellow Journalism Olympics.

Rush rips Don Lemon a new Black Hole

The economic plans of Trump and Clinton

All of this comes on the heels of Trump and Clinton announcing their plans to save America’s economy.  While the billionaire businessman announced plans that have been prove eminently successful in the past, Hillary announced that she will not only continue Obama’s policies, but expand them.  As Democrats destroy American energy they will again make America slaves to Arab oil, and add Chinese coal thanks to Obama shutting down coal mining that runs America’s electricity.  This is why liberals are saying there won’t have enough electricity in twenty years to power laptops.

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