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States do NOT have the right to make their own immigration law and force their illegal immigrants on the rest of the country.  California may lead the Democrat states into the next War of Secession.

America has the largest, most diverse immigration system in the world and takes in more migrants than all the rest of the world combined.  But that is an investment in the “world’s best and brightest” to come to America.  Democrats want the poor, uneducated, unskilled to be given refuge in America to be cheap labor and illegal voters.  Democrats are like kids living in their parent’s basement who want to live by their own rules and screw what the parent’s want.  So they believe they’re entitled to invite their drug gang buddies into the house they don’t own and are not paying to live in.  States cannot allow whoever they want to immigrate into America because then those people can be inflicted on all the rest of the nation.  Governors and mayors who will not abide by this federal law should face federal prosecution!

Obama gives anti-America speech in Indonesia on Independence Day

Obama shows his scorn for America

Proof that leftism is the effeminate end of the spectrum is obvious in that they are bleeding profusely in their PMS insanity claiming that everyone will die because of Republicans.  In their hysteria one is reminded of Raiders of the Lost Ark and the scene where Marion becomes panic-stricken in fear of dead people.  Leftists believe they can make their own laws to allow illegal immigrants into America and disregard the rest of the nation on which they inflict them.  This plays right into the hands of jihadis who want nothing more than to bring America crashing down.  Thanks, Obama, and you America hating leftists for all you do.  Keep talking and our young will see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears who are truly the anti-American haters.

Indiana Jones scene of Marion with the mummies screaming

Pastor says people can ignore federal immigration and make laws as they please

Jihad against Trump and America

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