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Defining the Enemy in these Final Days Before the Midterms

In these few days before the hugely important mid-term elections, I wish to enlighten my fellow every day, God-fearing and patriotic Americans about our enemy – the American left – their true nature and intentions. When I speak of the American left, I am talking about 90% of the Democratic Party, 90% of mainstream media and 90% of Hollywood. Old hippies dominating public education have indoctrinated these people into hating our Founding Father’s divinely inspired vision for America.

As a black man who is grateful and proud be an American, I realize my country has made mistakes. But praise God, we always try to right our wrongs. This truth is undeniable. I could name numerous incidents of our Christian roots compelling America to try to correct her wrongs. The most glaring example is Americans electing horrible president Barack Hussein Obama for two terms mainly because he is black. And still, the American left sells their absurd, evil and divisive lie that very little has changed for blacks in America since slavery.

In a nutshell, the American left looks down on us. They believe they are smarter, more sophisticated and compassionate than everyday Americans. Please note that leftists’ compassion is always about making themselves feel and look good; giving themselves brownie points for supposedly caring more than the rest of us. Leftists never really help people or find real solutions. As a matter of fact, when white commentator Bill O’Reilly brilliantly and compassionately offered solutions to black-on-black crime, black poverty, and black out-of-wedlock births, the American left gang assaulted O’Reilly. Shut up, white boy! You don’t know what it is like to be black in this horrible racist country!

A dirty little secret is the American left loves keeping people down, dependent on the government for their survival. Why? Because when the government is paying your bills, the government can dictate your behavior. Leftists thrive on government controlling behavior; forcing leftists’ extreme agenda down the throats of the American people.

Folks, these people on the left are arrogant and mean. Actor Peter Fonda said he would like to see Trump’s 12-year-old son turned over to pedophiles to be raped. Actor James Cromwell said there will be a bloodbath in the streets if Americans do not vote for Democrats in November.

Speaking of Hollywood, I am convinced that many actors and pro athletes are politically clueless. They simply repeat bogus rhetoric they hear at their elite parties. When NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and pro-basketball player Lebron James made disparaging comments about Trump, there is no evidence backing up their statements.

During Lesley Stahl’s interview with President Trump, we caught a glimpse of typical liberal media arrogance and superiority. Stahl attacked Trump for “mocking” Dr. Ford at his rally. Trump said he did not mock her. Trump explained that he simply informed the American people regarding the facts of Dr. Ford’s evidence-less accusation against Kavanaugh. Stahl replied, “But, they (the audience) laughed.” The tone of Stahl’s comment felt like she was saying Trump’s stupid supporters laughed. Stahl also ignored Trump’s truthful explanation and stuck with her fellow leftists’ mantra that Trump “mocked” Dr. Ford.

I witnessed liberal media’s arrogant superiority when I worked in the Creative Services department of the ABC affiliate TV station in Baltimore for 15 years. In general, station managers and producers looked down on the consumers of their product; thinking themselves more enlightened, smarter and sophisticated.

In 2016, the American left assumed Hillary would win the W.H. and continue Obama’s transforming America into leftist’s pro-socialist, anti-Christian, anti-America and anything goes morally utopia. Trump winning the presidency stunned the American left. They are filled with rage, boldly expressing their hatred while enacting violence on all who voted for Trump. If Democrats (the American left) get a foothold back into power such as winning the house, the American left will launch unimaginable bullying, revenge, and tyranny upon We the People.

Our Constitutional right to religious liberty will be thrown out the window. The state of Minnesota has threatened Christian filmmakers with jail time if they continue to refuse the state’s demand that they include same-sex marriage in their films. This blatant demonic attack on our religious liberty will be intensified by a hundred if Democrats win control of the house November 6.

I am a bit concerned that Democrat candidates are raising mega-millions of dollars more than Republican candidates. Democrats never run as the extreme radicals that they are. They deceive voters by pretending to be reasonable moderates in sync with mainstream American thinking.

For the past two years, my wife Mary and I have traveled to numerous states with the Conservative Campaign Committee. We campaigned in Texas for Ted Cruz vs Beto O’Rourke for U.S. Senate. I was a bit taken aback upon learning that O’Rourke raised a whopping $70 million to flood the airwaves with lying ads. Ted’s lead is slipping in the polls.

Not only must Ted Cruz supporters vote, but they must also counter O’Rourke’s lies by spreading the truth to family, friends and whomever about Sen Cruz.

The undeniable truth about the awesomeness of Cruz’s character is how he laid aside his personal issues with Trump for the good of the country. Sen Ted Cruz has touted Trump’s unprecedented remarkable achievements for America’s best interest and returning power back to We the People. Sen Cruz is 100% on board with helping President Trump continue making America great again; building the wall and securing our borders. That’s what voters need to know about Sen Cruz.

The American left refuses to accept our 2016 decision to elect Donald J. Trump as our president. They will never forgive us. They remain relentless in their efforts to overturn our decision. November 6, we must defeat the anti-Christian, anti-America, divisive and evil American left, again.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

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