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“Deep State” is the mysterious entity we must define and destroy or America will go the way of every empire after no more than 250 years of existence the limit of history. We are now 242 years old.  We may have eight years.

There is far more significance to the coming of Donald J. Trump than many dare realize.

The people of Washington, DC have a different ethic that that of the nation. In the 50 states our worth is based on what we make.  In DC it is based on what they take.  The DC way to wealth is confiscation, confusion and corruption.  Wars and fears create new taxes, bureaus and parasites in Dockers, designer duds, shirts and cravats and there is a deeper side we can expose in the story of a patent application.

Since high school I knew the internal combustion engine was a far better water heater than a generator of motive power.  78% of all the energy created by burning fuel in an engine goes to the radiator and exhaust pipe with but 28% to useful output.

What I learned of the atmosphere showed me the only gas capable of converting the energy of combustion to kinetic energy was water vapor, H2O, with a little help from carbon dioxide, CO2, as it is 1/7th the absorber of infrared, IR, energy than water vapor, H2O.  While combustion does make a lot of it the inability of CO2 to capture IR energy crashes the equation.

My strategy would be to inject tiny quantities of water into engines to make more water vapor and capture IR in the combustion chamber inverting the equation but in the 1950’s several devices with this in mind did not work.  In fact they diminished output as it was concluded water attenuated combustion!  It took 50 years for me to realize why.

If vapor could be made to appear immediately after the burst of fire in the cylinder it would not affect combustion but would facilitate the capture  of energy!  Timing was the key.  I designed a system to do exactly that in existing engines with the use of an injecting sparkplug that would squirt 17 drops of water, 0.85 grams, into the cylinder immediately after the combustion.  This would instantly create vapor, absorb heat and expand the gas by a factor of 1200!  By converting the internal surface of the chamber to that a perfect IR mirror I could capture it all and the engine block would be as cold as the surroundings.  No radiator.

IR bouncing around in the chamber I have turned into a perfect IR mirror with chromium plating to fill atomic level interstitia in the block casting would facilitate 100% capture of the energy.  All of this, with the physics, chemistry and stoichiometry is in the US Patent Application you can see at:

ICER Patent Application

In theory the “Internal Combustion Energy Recovery,” ICER system will double the output of any engine to which it is applied.  The change is so great it may challenge the integrity of the engine so new designs are called for and they can be half the size and use half the fuel, of today’s engines.

I thought the US Patent Office would jump for joy on this application, but they rejected it “because you did not use the word “step” in your claims section.”  Not only was I unaware, nor could I find, any such rule in the standards for applications, but a search of every patent issued in their own search system revealed that 80% of all patents issued did not include the word “step” in “Claims.”

US patent language standards are arcane.  It is almost like another language, but learning how to write it is a valuable skill.  A physicist friend spent $70,000 on patent attorney’s fees on one application and this is typical, but the fact of the matter is that most of the applications are written by law clerks and their bosses love their mistakes as they generate more fees with every rejection for correction.  This is but the first level of corruption in this process.

When my two grandfathers and uncles were getting their several patents the attorneys were honest men, or at least not so greedy, which tells us something of America in time, but there is an alternative.  Patent attorney David Pressman wrote the book “Patent It Yourself,” edited by my late friend Steven Elias at Nolo Press that is $50 well spent and while tough reading and implementing, saved me a ton of money.  However…

While 25% of all patents are written by inventors the Examiners hate them as any mistakes made in approving them fall to the Examiner totally as they cannot blame the patent attorney, which is common as they are usually prepared by clerks.  Meanwhile back at “ICER…”

On getting a rejection on a false “steps” issue caused me to invoke my “nuclear option” of going to the boss so I documented my defense and sent it to the Director of the US Patent Office as well as my Congressman and got action, but said Examiner went to work and found an application similar to mine using a modified spark plug as an injector, but without the time control and another that injected water into the intake manifold.  He claimed these two together amounted to my concept in a rejection of a kind I could only challenge with a lawsuit!  At this point I had to think strategically as spending $50,000 to $100,000 on such an appeal made no sense for the 20 years of protection for an entity big oil people would welcome about as much as a skunk a church picnic.  They could put pressure on the motor makers directly.  A flanking tactic was called for…

World round the author of an invention is “The first to file.”  If another inventor files a successful application on my invention I can make a case that I was the first to invent as the USPTO standard from 1946 to 2013 and I was their record in 2011.  They reverted to “First to file” in 2013 to be in line with 190 world nations and reduce the number of lawsuits they were having to deal with under “first to invent” rule.

An auto maker engineer will discover this technology and file with an attorney-prepared application successfully.  At that point I go to them and ask for 1% of gross attributable business, in perpetuity, with access to the books annually, or go to competitors and offer them the same deal.  Someone big will take it, but we are off point…

The US Patent Office rejected me because I am small, cause problems and not pay-off like “the big guys.”  This is but a precinct of the swamp:  People in power are in it for personal enrichment and the only way to eliminate it is to prosecute all offenders.

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