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The CIA’s Counter-terrorism expert dispels leftist myths about Islam.  As President Trump declares Americans must be “smart, vigilant, and tough” against terrorism, London’s Moslem Mayor Sadiq Khan says the British must just get used to terror attacks and threatens Trump that denying Islam will result in more terror attacks in America.

Dr. James Mitchell, CIA’s #1 Counter-terrorism expert spells it out

London’s Islamist jihadi mayor threatens President Trump

The Jihad and the stealth Jihad of Islam is insidious.  The nefariousness of their infiltration and corruption of the West is enabled by the Left who wants their assistance to help them overcome the righteous free peoples and subjugate them under the iron boot of socialism.  Since Hitler and Stalin were both defeated with Nazism being destroyed in WWII and the Iron Curtain being torn down in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall and dissolution of the Soviet Union, China is their last hope.  But until Red China builds its military might the United States reigns supreme as the lone Superpower and the Left is kept subdued.  They can only resort to subterfuge of global warming, subversion in teaching socialism, and terrorism to make people afraid.  They tell us America must turn to Moslem nations to aid in fighting what the left calls radical extremism, but which is actually the Islamic Jihad.

What help will the Saudis be in the War on Terror?  They promote the Jihad as a tenet of Islam.  It is the Sixth Pillar of Islam that they keep secret from the infidel until they are strong enough to unleash it upon them.  For crying out loud they trained the jihadis in their own mosques!  They teach them America is the Great Satan, death to infidels, make the world Islam.  Those who abandon Islam are put to death.  Those who violate Sharia, men who are gay (but not those who rape boys), women who are raped or who have sex without consent of their parents are executed, apostasy, honor killing, oppression, and slavery are all still at the heart of Islam.  These were all taught by Muhammad and are in the Koran and Hadith!

Everything for which Christianity forgives, Islam condemns to death because Muhammad uses the Old Testament, the Torah, as the basis of his ideology.  Jesus is rejected and relegated to the status of “a good prophet killed by Rome.”  Those who call Jesus the Christ are condemned by Muhammad as People of the Book corrupted by Satan.  And that which Christianity does not forgive Islam condones, i.e. the murder of the innocent.  Middle Eastern countries became 95% Moslem after being conquered and ruled by the 5% of the population that were their Moslem conquerors for a reason.  Those who are not Moslem are oppressed until they submit.  They are second class citizens who are taxed double, and they can be raped and murdered if they do not submit to Muslims.  The harems of Saudi kings were populated by captured Christian women so that their children would be made Moslems.  There are beautiful women from the West being kidnapped and taken there today as sex slaves and who in the world is doing anything about it?  The Turks took the young children of captured Christians and made them into their fanatical Moslem brigade of Janissaries.  The skull and crossbones black flag of the Barbary pirates was developed from the Black Flag of Islam for a reason.  The Saudis are not our allies against jihadi terrorism.  They merely want to be secure from their rabid dogs that they unleash on the West so that they do not turn back on themselves!

Nigel Farage condemns Islamic Jihad in England

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) vs. Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA)

Stupid leftist Kim Kardashian wants everyone else disarmed

The solution is simple.  Every last Moslem on “terrorist watch lists” should be ejected from the country and banished for life.  They didn’t get on those watch lists by singing praises for American liberty, baseball, hotdogs, mom, and apple pie.  The next step is to shut down Islam in America, and Europe should follow suit.  Our ancestors did not spend centuries engaged in warfare to protect the free peoples of Europe from the ravages of Islam just so their descendants could be a bunch of pussies who wimp out and bend over for them.  Jesus said, “Do not be deceived by False Prophets.  You will know them by their fruits.”  The fruits of Muhammad have been war, oppression, and murder.  What more need be said?  Europe is being subsumed because they are allowing themselves to be conquered through terrorism rather than fighting back.  The Left doesn’t want you to know that they are at war with freedom like the murderer who keeps his knife hidden behind his back until he can stick it in yours.

A leftist reporter at ABC suggested that Trump is tweeting against the jihadi attack because he wants to incite an attack in America to prove himself right.  This is leftist insanity projecting what they do on a righteous man.  It’s the same reason they believe 9-11 was Bush, and terror attacks are inside jobs.  The truth is that Trump doesn’t need to incite anything – Moslems are already here making terrorist attacks or haven’t this idiot reporter been listening to his own freaking news in his lifetime?  Leftists and Moslems threaten that if we are not nice to Islam we will be attacked.  If Islam is so peaceful then why is everyone so afraid of them?  How is it they can be incited to violence against someone who is peacefully objecting to them?  They say Islam is the most “tolerant” religion, but if that is so then why do they forbid churches being built in their countries even after they burn them down?  Muhammad only gives you one choice, submit or die!  But you always have three choices in life – one or the other, or neither/both.  When your enemies give you a choice that is a Catch-22 of either be their slave or die, and you want to live free, then you can only choose the third option – kill him!  Liberals say we must build bridges to the Moslems.  Now there’s a new name for a bridge built to Islam – London Bridge.

The Refugee Jihad – the insanity of the Left’s ‘build bridges not walls’ philosophy

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