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This morning I read an article that listed all the organizations that George Soros is very much involved with financially.

I was absolutely amazed at the number, and quite surprised at some. There were over one hundred listed.

The facts surrounding George Soros and his involved and constant fight against the ‘status quo’ of many Nations, and even the entire World, can be found in many publications that have been written about him over the years. His Biography also tells of his support for the Nazi movement and how he supported it.

Basically the two main facts that garner my attention would be his involvement with the Nazi movement wherein he betrayed his own people; and his constant attempts at trying to make a “One World” order. He has amassed a fortune with his knowledge of World events, with his intelligence, and his desire to be in control. His fortune allows him to operate on this level. I am of the opinion he honestly believes what he proffers. That is what leads me to think he is quite unbalanced. His life today is probably an emotional reaction to his perceived attitude during the “Nazi era”.

The one detractor I mentioned above, was very defensive of him, and seemed to relish in contradicting and correcting my words. However, this very person is also defensive of the Liberal Democratic Party.

I have become rather surprised at the numbers and strength of the dissenting faction in our Society today. Maybe I am being immature, or naive in my estimation. But I have been raised in a World of Democratic people who wish to maintain the free Republic that our Founders forged for us. I have witnessed and lived through WWII, and every conflict since then. I have followed the Politics of our Nation, along with the History, as both have evolved over time.

Beginning with the campaign of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, when both were fighting for the Democratic nomination for President in 2008, I started to pay closer attention to Washington D.C. It was interesting in the beginning, but then the nastiness started. And it became unpleasant to watch. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing from two prominent people in our Nation’s Capital, that were vying for the office of President.*/ The 2016 Republican primary battle was not too far behind in nastiness, but I did see a difference. I believe the 2008 Democratic Primary was more on a personal intrinsic level. Republican Nominees in 2016, were somewhat personal, but also a great deal of professional digs were obvious.
However you rationalize, our Political scene has become somewhat of an embarrassment I feel. I see very little dignity. The Republicans with their infighting, and the Democrats with the nasty underhanded dealings and practices.

It becomes obvious that George Soros is attempting to “divide and conquer”; and if the Republicans decide to come together as a Nation, and fight for what’s right, we may have a chance to maintain our Republic.

I see the heavy influence of Soros in all the protests in our streets. What is most unsettling is the propensity toward violence that is becoming the practice. Seeing many of the violent protesters wearing black masks has put a slight fear as well as an immense anger into my soul. Who are these people hiding their face? Why is such violent physical behavior necessary? Those two practices alone should be a message to the entire Country. It is time to step back and let the proper authorities deal with this. If you are sincere about Democracy, then let Democracy happen.

Do not accept the status quo of the current protests. As soon as these anti-American people infiltrate your protest you should disperse, walk away, and find another venue to have your voices heard. I am well aware that this is easier said than done. But it must be attempted. Our news Media wants to get your attention, so they will concentrate on the violence. A peaceful protest does not attract as much attention. The Media is feeding into their need for coverage.

The leaders of the Democratic Party seem to be feeding this Anti-American faction with their constant denouncing of everything President Trump does. This man has taken on an extremely heavy burden. The Parties should come together and work as one. The unity is important. How often did we see the quoted words of many of our Founders regarding the consequences of division. Our Legislative representatives are bound by Law to work together for the good of the people, and the security of the Nation.

It is time for unity in our Nation’s capital, and unity among the people. We all want our freedoms and rights to stay in place. And we all must work together to achieve that Democratic principal.

Congress, your vote should be for the people, not for the Party; for the Nation, not for Nepotism; for our individual freedoms, not for favoritism.

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