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The overblown fake news story claiming President Trump leaked classified information during a White House meeting with Russians may well have been designed to divert attention from the real story of mounting pressure to reopen the investigation of the July 8, 2016 murder of a DNC staffer, Seth Rich.

Rich was murdered after more than 40,000 leaked DNC/Podesta email messages were attributed to his communications with WikiLeaks.

Despite Rich’s wallet and money not being taken, the original investigation of his murder in an extremely low crime area of Georgetown claimed the murder was likely a failed robbery. That investigation was abruptly aborted on orders from “higher up”.

Rich was Director of Voter Expansion at the DNC and was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

According to The Washington Post, Rich was looking into instances of DNC electoral fraud and voter suppression and was scheduled to testify in the Hillary Clinton nonsecure server/classified email case launched by the WikiLeaks data dumps.

Between late last June and last November’s election, four Clinton-connected people have died suspiciously.

In addition to Seth Rich, another was John Ashe, a former President of the U.N. General Assembly. Ashe’s throat was symbolically crushed a few days before he, too, was scheduled to testify in a Hillary Clinton corruption case.

Unlike “fake news” claims of collusion between the Trump campaign and “the Russians” that lack a scintilla of evidence, the murders of Ashe and Rich are strongly linked to the Hillary Clinton campaign and contain evidence suggesting foul play.

Where are Sen. Schumer’s calls for a special prosecutor to investigate the Ashe and Rich deaths?

One has to be extremely gullible to swallow claims of “Russian collusion” that lack a shred of evidence, yet are constantly being hyped by a thoroughly dishonest and self-discredited news media.

John Wayne once remarked: “Life is tough; it’s even tougher if you’re stupid.”

John Wayne was a conservative Republican.

We all know which party relies on “stupid’s” vote.

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