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Last week I wrote and published an article detailing how the “”Left/Liberals” are deliberately pushing America into a Constitutional crisis, and are willing to resort to violent anarchy to destroy our Constitution.

As I followed the news on various media outlets during the last week, I realized that my article was not as “informative” or “to the point” as it should have been. As I thought about this last night it occurred to me that what is happening in America in the last few weeks has made it crystal clear how much  “trouble” America is in and how deeply rooted these problems are.

I now believe there are three specific points in my recent article that need more “emphasis”!

  1. We need to be clear that it is not the “Left” or “Liberals” that are working to destroy America. It is the DEMOCRATIC PARTY! I have lifelong friends and relatives who still say that they are Democrats, so I have personally avoided referring to all Democrats as ” America hating extremist”. As I struggled with this thought process last night I realized that “mind set” is a major part of the reason that America is facing such a Constitutional crisis. The Democratic Party that these lifelong friends and relatives WERE part of no longer exist! It began to die decades ago and suffered through its final death throes during Bill Clinton and Obama’s presidencies. If America is to be saved we must all acknowledge and deal with this unpleasant fact.
  2. I did use the word “deliberately” regarding the DEMOCRATIC PARTY’S efforts to force a Constitutional crisis in America. As I thought about this I realized that this was not an adequate explanation of their efforts to destroy America. In addition to being “deliberate” their efforts are coldly calculated, well organized, well-funded and have been taking place for many years! As a matter of fact, these destructive efforts have been going on for so long without any negative consequences that they no longer try to hide their agenda.
  3. The DEMOCRATIC PARTY is totally inflexible in their desire to “fundamentally change America “, which means to completely destroy our Constitution and replace it with their agenda. They absolutely believe that their goal is imminently achievable and they “will not give or accept any quarter” for what they believe is the final battle for America, and ultimately their dream of ”one world order”!

In addition to being emboldened by the belief that their final agenda is in sight, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY also knows that President Trump’s Administration is in effect the only thing standing between them and total victory. This means that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY will say or do anything, without hesitation, to destroy President Trump so they can achieve their final objective, “one world order.”

One quote from Tim Kaine (an avowed Christian?) after they lost the election is a good example of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY’S battle plan.  He said “the Democrats must be willing to fight Republicans in the streets”. If you look further into his history, Tim Kaine has a long record of unethical behavior, scandals, corruption and “throwing other people under the bus” when it benefitted him politically or financially. On an added note one of his sons was recently arrested for inciting a violent anti-Trump protest and resisting arrest. This is the family that came close to being America’s “second family” last November!

I firmly believe that the next two years, especially the next 6 months, will be extremely challenging for patriotic Conservatives and are our last hope for saving America!

As I said in closing some of my recent articles, getting President Trump elected was only the beginning. We must continue to support him, his staff and the actual Conservatives who are in Washington so President Trump can continue to do what he set out to do and pledged to do. Stay informed and involved. Communicate with your elected representatives and demand changes regarding term limits, open public records, transparency in all government activities, fiscal responsibility, and reasonable performance standards for all government employees!


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