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An Open Letter to America’s Young Regarding School Shootings:

Dear Young People,

We know you’re scared.  We understand you are grieving.  We realize you don’t understand why this is happening.

We appreciate that you want to fix it so these kinds of murders never happen again.  We recognize that you are desperate for help.  We also realize that there are people who want to use you, take advantage of your grief and naïveté, and sucker you into supporting their agenda.

We understand that you don’t understand that these people who want to use you are the same ones who created the conditions by which these atrocious crimes and tragedies are committed.  We know you’re smart.  But we also know you haven’t been around long enough to be wise.

We know you’re not wise enough to not be fooled by someone trying to sell you magic beans.  We know you’re not savvy enough to not still believe that there are magic beans like the ones that will make guns go away, or that will make criminals, terrorists, and psychotics turn in their guns.  We know you’re not smart enough to know the difference between taking guns off the streets and just taking guns from law-abiding citizens leaving them disarmed in the face of criminals and tyrants.

You may be smart, but that doesn’t make you knowledgeable.

We understand that you haven’t grown up enough yet to learn the truth about liberal socialist fascism.  You don’t even know that though ignorance and stupidity are synonymous they are not identical.  Ignorance can be overcome, but stupidity is forever.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity and only stupid people do not learn from their mistakes.


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