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Dear Never Trumpers,

It was just great and wonderful for me to say the very same things on Facebook that Trump is saying now. YOU LOVED MY PAGE WHEN I SAID IT. My page got thousands of likes and followers. Everyone agreed with me when I said we need to bring jobs back from China. You all liked my comments about keeping the radical Muslims out. When I was politically incorrect you loved it. You even asked your friends to like my page. Now Donald Trump comes along and agrees with me, he speaks my language and you say he is unfit to be President.

I take personal offence to that. What have I been to you all these years just an amusement?

You have a choice to make. A successful businessman who was considered great before he decided to run for President or a career criminal who has left a trail of death in her wake. A person who can’t be bought or someone who has sold herself to the highest bidder for her entire career.

But you tell me he says mean things and you can’t have a President who says mean things.

Is it ok to have a woman who kills American citizens because they know her dirty laundry as your President?


iPatriot Contributers


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