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Dear MSM,

I know this might come as a shock to you and really just don’t know how to tell you this but we have to part ways. This has been a long time coming. We stayed together as long as we could but it just isn’t working out. How many times have you lied? How many times have you tried to tell us what to do and who to like and how to think? We tried to stick it out and probably stayed together much longer than we should have but it is enough already and it is time to move on with our lives and see others.

It hasn’t all been horrible there were good times too. Remember when you weren’t so partisan? Remember when you didn’t have to tell people that you were fair and balanced and you didn’t spend most of your time bragging about how great you thought you were? Remember when you used to actually report the news and not just a narrative? Those were good times, respectable times. Not everything has been forgotten.

But just look at you now? You desperately need an intervention. The worst part about having a problem is that you rarely see it yourself and when others try to tell you that you need help you get defensive. If you continue on this road you have to know that things can’t possibly turn out well for you. You have to stop with the Orwellian path you’ve been trying to take the world down. It’s bad. Really bad.

Whatever you decide to do with whatever time you have left just remember that it is never too late to seek help. Just because one chapter of your existence is closing doesn’t mean that there still isn’t time left to get the help you so desperately need. You’re close enough to rock bottom now that you should be ready for a change.

With all this said be well. We just can’t do this anymore.

It’s not us it’s you.


The Deplorables

iPatriot Contributers


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