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Would you please just go away??  How long do we have to listen to you?

It took you 10 months to write a book explaining to America “What Happened” regarding your loss in the 2016 Presidential Election?  Are you kidding me?  There is only ONE real reason you lost and it is very simple.  You didn’t get enough fruitcake votes.  And then there are the other reasons that supported the vote.

On that Tuesday in November…millions more LEGAL voters showed up than Leftist Fruitcakes, Illegals and Fraudulent voters…and you were rejected!!  Plain and simple!  You were out-voted by America-Loving citizens who had had enough of the radical and criminal direction this country had been heading the past 8 years…and we stood up and soundly said “No More”!!

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And yes…many have claimed that you won the popular vote.  But two things make that claim moot.

  1. We are not a Democracy where the majority wins.  If that were the case… an example of a pure democracy would be 2 wolves and 1 sheep voting on what to have for lunch.  We all know how unfair that would be. That is exactly why our Founders wrote the constitution the way they did and we are a Republic.
  2. Every single day we get reports from “reputable” firms that have uncovered serious voter fraud in many States across the country. The most recent one found thousands of people in Vermont/New Hampshire with out-of-state driver’s licenses voting in those States but none have addresses there. Combine that with all the fraudulent votes by illegals across the Country and especially California (who encourage illegal votes) and your popular vote win goes down the toilet.
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So, based on our true and time-honored way of voting with the Electoral College in place…that’s the simple reason you lost.  But you want to blame that loss on a ton of different things that you think are why the vote turned out the way it did.  Blaming causes an unfortunate fact.   When you point your index finger at others…you need to realize that your thumb is directed in YOUR direction.  Yes, You, Hillary Clinton!!  YOU are the reason you lost!!

You lost because of the incredible amount of lawlessness in your life.  You and hubby Bill were always ignoring laws that you and he did not think applied to you.  Don’t you think that the American people are smart enough to know your blatant illegal activities have been criminal and if any one of us had committed the same crimes, we’d be behind bars?  That pisses us off!

Your disdain for us “regular folks” was constantly on display in your career.  For the first time in your life…you actually DID tell the truth about what you thought of us good hard-working Americans.  We are all “Deplorables”.  And even after 10 months… you have not backed off that statement.  Because your elitist and “high and mighty” perception of yourself is too ingrained in you.  We “common folks” are just too offensive to you.  That was really stupid, Hillary.  There are way more of us common “deplorables” than there are idiots that love you.

You’re a crook and have been your whole life.  You have been a liar your whole life. You never take responsibility for your failures…it’s always somebody else’s fault.  Deplorables, Republicans, Conservatives, Right Wing Conspiracy, blah blah blah…always claiming someone is out to get you.  YOU are your own worst enemy because of YOUR actions and YOUR words.

Words—“What Difference Does It Make”?  Remember that statement you made to the world when you were being questioned about what happened in Benghazi?  None of us Deplorables were responsible for that statement!  That was a picture proof TRUE example of just how much you think of us lowlifes.  If ever there was an indicator of your total disdain for our Diplomats and Military…that was it!!  Great Americans died that day because you didn’t give a crap and instead tried to push your agenda of Americans having Islamophobia by blaming it on a stupid video that was viewed by a very minuscule amount of people.  You knew that was false but you and your team continued to lie about what happened months after we all knew the truth!!  And there is plenty of evidence that they requested security increases but you rejected them.  We’re not stupid, Ms. Clinton!!  Yet you “bragged” to the world about your “life-threatening” entry into a hail of gunfire while exiting a helicopter.  What a lying joke “that” was!!

It was interesting to see how vicious, cruel and law-breaking you were towards your only competitor for the Democratic nominee for President.  Personally, I think Bernie is a fruitcake but you certainly turned the Clinton Machine against him and did it illegally.  To you…nobody should be treated with respect except you.  You lambasted him and coordinated an unethical and illegal surveillance practice by the Chair of the DNC to do work on the inside to derail him.  Now that’s deplorable!!

Once again, we witnessed YOUR “deplorable character” and just how low you’d stoop to get what YOU wanted…and the hell with doing things the right and lawful way.  “We the People” have seen this behavior all your “working” life.  Nobody is to blame for that except you!  In fact, IF we were actually deplorable and stupid…we’d have never even noticed your despicable character.

Should I continue?  Well…I’m going to.  And I assure you it will be much shorter than your book and be 100% more accurate as to “What Happened”.

You blame the pollsters.  Heck…you and the Media coordinated those polls to show you were a “slam-dunk” winner so it would suppress people from going out and voting for Trump.  It backfired, didn’t it?

You blame your Democratic Party.  You blame blacks for not showing up to vote for you.  You’ve recently referred to women that didn’t vote for you as traitors.  Isn’t that sexist, Ms. Clinton?

You blame the Media for Christ’s sakes.  Never, in over 50+ years, have I seen such a biased and vicious Media attack on any and all of your opponents and then trumpet YOUR assent to the highest office in the land.  Add to that…your continued deceitful activities by having the Media provide the questions to you prior to the debates!  If you’d been on the other side of the Media reporting and activities, you’d have had a meltdown and/or heart attack, not just fainting spells.

The Justice Department did everything they could possibly do to protect you.  Loretta Lynch met with your husband secretly and got caught.  The “fix” was in on your illegal email account and your lies about 30,000 emails that were not turned over as the FBI demanded.  You had laptops destroyed and bleached.  NONE OF THIS WAS ANYBODY ELSE’S FAULT… and you know it!!  But you blame Comey??  He’s a turd but he was only protecting his rear-end when things got sticky with the revelations of your activities.

You surround yourself with liars, cheaters, Islamic radical lovers, baby-killing advocates, non-law-abiding people, radicals, violent protesters, illegals, promote and force Americans to bow down and submit to all the radical social issues, and encourage every other type of person that despises our Constitution and Laws.

You chose the wrong supporters.  Hollywood is NOT influential, except for their money.  And you repeatedly tied your skirt (oops…I meant pant suit) to them.  Hollywood Fruitcakes haven’t got a clue what it’s like for us regular deplorable folks.  They live the pampered highlife and live in an imaginary world full of myths.  In fact, it’s what they do for a living.  Acting in a fairytale environment instead of experiencing real life.  You start trotting those people out…and you’ve done nothing but have people “preaching to the choir”.  Only their kind actually listen to what they have to say.  The only thing us regular people approve of in Hollywood were the statements of mass exits to other countries they promised if Trump won.  We’re still waiting.

(I will qualify this Hollywood statement by saying there are many in Hollywood that are Sane, America-Loving Patriots that speak out and many more who keep their mouths shut for fear of being blackballed by the Industry Gurus in Hollywood)

The Clinton Foundation?  What a scam of monstrous proportions.  The pay-to-play list of reports on all the favors given to “donors” is loooong.  Your Uranium deal with Russia isn’t payback and collusion?  Yet you attack and accuse Trump of collusion for getting supposed information on you?

You laughed at a little girl that was raped by a sick man and fought in court and got him acquitted.  Yes, as an Attorney, you are to defend your client.  But laughing about it on a live radio broadcast?  You’re sick and deplorable.

For years, you have publicly attacked and ridiculed women that were abused by your husband.  Yet you proudly voiced with an absolute smug face and derisive voice during a live debate how much Trump was a despicable man for “locker room talk”.  Talk… not actions.  And no…that was not a good moment for Trump and it isn’t the type of thing any man should say about women.  But none of them were abused, scarred or even knew about that “talk” with another guy.  I am surprised he didn’t pounce all over you for your attack on women more than he did.  I sure would have pointed out your hypocrisy and named names and their fate!!

The trail of damage to those who went against you.  Nah…I won’t go there because this article is about facts on how YOU lost the election.  Those individuals that suffered are probably just a result of a coincidence as you have said.  And we always believe what you say.

Should I go on?  There are many more reasons why YOU lost your election goal.  But I’m tired of typing.  And the more I delve into your past, the sicker I get hearing you blame everybody and everything for why you lost.  The simple fact is that you are a despicable person that has shown nothing but disdain for good America-loving people, the rule of law, and just good old fashioned common decency for years.

Oh by the way…the parents of those who died in Benghazi are still waiting for your “promise” to call them about the facts regarding their family member’s deaths!!  Those that died that night had more character and America-Loving blood in their little fingers than you have in your whole body!  But then again…”What Difference Does It Make”?

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

Old Woolfy

Old Woolfy was born in Southern California and lived up and down the West Coast States and multiple States in the Midwest. He was a Marketing Director and Business Consultant to Fortune 100 Companies. He has one Daughter and three precious Grandchildren and is currently not married. He is a true "Conservative" who votes primarily Republican but will vote independently when a Rino is on the ticket.due to many GOP's abandonment of conservative core principals. Old Woolfy has authored numerous "Career Training Curriculum's", Corporate Training Manuals, White Papers, Resumes, Cover Letters, Short Stories, and Poetry.


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