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Daughter, you are approaching that age where it is time we had our little talk. Soon every boy and man you meet will be trying to meet you and do things for you. Some will promise you excitements like a ride in their flashy car or motorcycle. Others will buy you flowers and much more.

Dear, you must understand that there is a price for all things on earth. When men and boys offer you excitement and gifts it isn’t just because you have a pretty face. It isn’t just because you have a great personality.

What men and boys will want from you is to be able to touch you. It may start out innocently enough with just holding hands but they will do everything they can to touch more of you. If you don’t let them touch you they will make you feel guilty for not allowing them to touch you. After all the more money they spend on you the more entitled they will feel to touch you. You might like to be touched but the more boys and men you allow to touch you, the more you will damage your own reputation. People will not think better of you because you are easy.

Some of your girlfriends will also pressure you into allowing boys to touch you because they already have messed around with boys or are too afraid themselves to do it but want to. One or even 3 boyfriends in an entire year doesn’t seem like very much does it? If you have only 3 boyfriends each year, by the time you are 25 how many boyfriends will you have had? Three a year seems like a lot now doesn’t it? They have a bad word for girls who’ve had that many boyfriends.

Your body is your temple. One day you will be the giver of life on this earth and when that day comes you’ll want to be with someone who knows your body is a temple and will be eager to provide for and protect you and the life you will bring to this earth. A man who will worship you.

Here’s a little secret you should know. Let us pretend a man’s worship of a woman can be made into a block of ice and you hold the ice pick. For every boyfriend, you might have you have to break off a piece of the ice block with the ice pick. Whatever is left is for the man you want to have children with. In fact every time a male touches you go ahead and chip another piece of ice from the block.

Doesn’t really seem fair does it but that is how males think. They want the woman they marry and have children with to be pure because if she is not jealousy it will eat them up inside someday. Men are very jealous creatures little one.

The best life you can ever hope for in this world is to be a good wife and mother to a loving man and children. It may seem boring but trust me boring is the last thing it ever is. It is hard work and if you want good things in life you must work hard for them always. It is easy to only think about today and maybe tomorrow or next month but by God’s grace you will live much longer than that and you must plan your life as best as you can. Too many girls throw their lives away before they have even begun.

Let only one man touch you girl and let that man do so on your wedding night. The world is full of millions of men and for a pretty short time, they will all want to touch you. But if you let them, when that time is over and you are no longer as pretty as you once were you will have made yourself unsuitable for a lifetime commitment. You might become a cat lady.

Think of what is expected of a man who wishes to marry. He surrenders his fortune and life to provide for and protect just one woman. That woman has to be worth that kind of sacrifice. Grow into the kind of woman that is worth that sacrifice and your life will be better for it.

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