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The USA is now entering into dangerous waters, where Obama is starting to flood the USA with Islamists. Of course, there are cries of ‘racism’ when concerned citizens dare to object or raise questions. But, typically of anti-intellectualism, ‘racism’

Is not the issue… Islam is a pseudo-religion covering almost every nation in the world, so it cannot be called ‘racism’ to raise questions about its obvious hatred.

Why is it a ‘pseudo-religion’? It is called that because it is a military movement with a thin veneer of religion, one that is heavily borrowed from Judaism and Christianity, but perverted to suit Mohammed’s totalitarian regime and expansionism.

The USA must urgently examine what it means to have many thousands of ‘refugees’ entering the country without proper vetting of their credentials. The reason has been aptly put by Donald Trump: “We don’t know WHO they are!” When he suggested the USA should stop all Muslim immigration, the left immediately pounced and misquoted him. He did NOT say we must stop Muslims forever: he simply made a sensible suggestion – to stop all Muslim entrants to the USA until the mess surrounding immigration can be sorted out. This is eminently sound, because he could see what was happening, and continues to happen, in Europe. To allow unfettered immigration of Muslims is to invite big trouble. Ask Europe!


Germany Made the European Mess

Angela Merkel is very proud of her part in the downfall of Europe. It was she who invited Muslims into Europe and then, when the numbers were greater than expected, she demanded that every EU member state should help!

Many millions are expected to invade Europe, with no end in sight. Those who are already here are almost exclusively fit, young men, who are told that Europe is their oyster – they can have whatever they want. So, they demand it, expecting to be satisfied immediately. But, this is not the only problem. They are applying the dead-end attitudes of Islamic countries to Europe and expect instant obedience. If they are not obeyed they wreak havoc. They also rape white women and girls because it is their ‘right’ under Islam. Crime rates of all kinds have shot up since the migrants entered Europe, and yet Merkel insists states MUST accept Muslims no matter what they do.

EU officials openly admit that over 80% of all Muslim migrants are ‘economic migrants’, whose only aim is to suck Europe dry of its social benefits. Overall, the UK pays out the most, and so many head for Calais or other ports to reach Britain illegally. Calais itself is under siege from those same fit young men, who all seem to have plenty of money and designer clothes. They roam the huge camp site like the Mafia, and rule Calais town. Calais French citizens are afraid to leave their homes, which are regularly entered illegally by small gangs of weapon-carrying Muslim men, who are brutal. The crimes committed are many and rising. And gangs surround trucks and cars waiting to go aboard ferries and the Eurotrain, brandishing clubs, iron bars and knives.

refugees-1024x768There are thousands of ISIS and other terrorists hidden amongst the long lines of Muslim migrants. They show utter disdain for those who help them – foolish citizens with big hearts but very little sense. The migrants throw cooked food to the ground, throw away water, all given freely. There are almost no families, women or children amongst these migrants, no matter what news media say. And, claims that there are ‘unaccompanied children’ needing help are erroneous. In migrant terms a ‘child’ can often be as old as 35! They know that by calling themselves ‘children’ they will get immediate help and faster acceptance. Those very few ‘families’ may not even be families, with husband, wife and children hardy knowing each other.

Those who stay cause mayhem wherever they go. They ignore police and law, and police are told not to arrest Muslims, no matter how serious is the crime. There are ‘no go’ areas where police, ambulances and fire trucks are stoned. Rape is common and cases have risen to many thousands. And, as if to rub the noses of Westerners in the wickedness, Muslims commit ALL the immoralities they accuse the West of – drugs, alcohol, pedophilia, and so on!

Sweden has turned over all its best tourist towns to migrants, so tourism is grinding to a halt. Same goes for other European nations. And a steady stream of Germans are themselves migrating to Hungary, which is not taking in Muslim thugs. As for Britain, every one of its state benefit systems is strained to collapse – health, hospitals, education and schools, housing, money help. It seems that David Cameron does not get the facts right – that all state benefits are paid for by people who work. Modern Muslim men do not want to work – they are told to just take benefits, so that Britain will collapse under the strain; this is part of jihad.

It is an obvious fact that as more unemployable and uninterested Muslims enter a country, so the number of workers who pay taxes will diminish. Thus, taxes are not sufficient to pay for benefits to Muslims, who provide no return benefits at all. One ‘benefit’ of having these new waves of Muslims is their hatred towards the West and white people. They boast that all of the West will become ‘light brown’ when they have finished their invasion and have interbred.


Dead Culture

But, the most horrific factor almost no leader refers to is the total change of culture. As Muslims become predominant so they shout loudly for sharia law, and they inflict it on the nations anyway, whether or not it is illegal. Islamic societies are backward, sluggish, do not want technical progress, and are anti-intellectual… the claim that Islam has given the world so many benefits is a blatant lie. (Note: ALL of the above facts are documented with references on our website). If Islam takes over a country that country is doomed to become a backwater… Obama planned this from the start. And, Western culture will be flooded with the useless horrors of Islamic dictatorship. This is why Britain’s coming referendum about leaving the EU is now all about migration. The British are becoming frightened that their country will be overrun very soon. The UK is already groaning under Islam.

The USA is next in line. Iran is openly derisive of the USA, thanks to its weakened state after years of Obama and his pro-Islam stance. At the moment America is unaware of the horrors that have overtaken Europe. They are full-on terrors that promise to get much, much worse. It is all made worse by the ridiculous claim by Westerners that Islam is a “religion of peace”. In saying this they repeat a claim that is only about 100 years old. Any Islamic cleric worth his salt will say that Islam has NEVER been a religion of peace. Well, the USA is about to discover what Europe is waking up to. The threats are very real and the demise of the West is in the hands of the people who vote. (Further articles will give more insight into the reality behind Islam).



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