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There is a deadly disease infecting a large group of Americans and no one is talking about it.

“In the first stage of the disease, victims lose all sense of proportion. The mid-level stages of TDS have a profound effect on the victim’s vocabulary: Sufferers speak a distinctive language consisting solely of hyperbole. As TDS progresses, the afflicted lose the ability to distinguish fantasy from reality. This is the final stage of the TDS epidemic: violence against democratically elected leaders. Unless a cure for TDS is found, this is where we are headed.” Justin Raimondo wrote several months ago. We have seen evidence that this is now true and we need to develop a cure that will handle this mental disease.

The ultimate result of this disease, if it is left unchecked, will lead to the destruction of the very fabric of our democracy, the overthrow of our government, and will see a rise in a fascist totalitarian regime. This sounds like the hyperbole of those with TDS, but the overthrow of our government by violent means is pretty serious. Fortunately, the American people will not give up their freedoms, their individuality, or their traditional way of life for political correctness. There may be rioting and bloodshed in the streets, but in the end level heads and the persevering American spirit will prevail. We will endure through this onslaught.

So, what can be done to help those with Trump Derangement Syndrome, and can it be prevented? As with any serious disease, it does not help to make light of the condition or dismiss the concerns of those with this disease. Those who have had a strong dose of reality and rational thought seem to be immune to contracting this disease, either coming from the left or from the right. Whether it’s global warming, Russian collusion, illegal immigration, oppression of the poor, restricting medical services to the elderly, or many other worries, these need to be understood and seriously dealt with by those who are immune. If in fact, they were real, these would be issues that would demand attention. So, first of all, we need to convey to those with TDS that we are also concerned.

Second, We need to treat them sensitively, showing respect and consideration with kindness and gentleness which will diffuse the violent nature of this disease. If the behavior escalates to violence, it has to be constrained for the sake of society.

Finally, we need to be persistent in the pursuit of rational thought and logic, and to be patient to counter irrational speculations and group-think that is plaguing those with TDS. This is the only cure for mindless parroting without thought, for countering this brainwashing that is so widespread today.

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