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 Ivanka has been ordered to be deposed in the suit against her and ripping off shoe designs. Sounds like the Clampett Family, like father like daughter. The Manhattan judge presiding over the case has ordered Ivanka Trump to give a deposition in a lawsuit by an Italian designer. This Italian designer filed suit over the trademark infringement and ripping off a shoe design by Ivanka’s company. Interesting enough, Darling Daddy Donald tried to stop Ivanka from the deposition by stating her “extraordinary circumstances” as a “high-ranking government employee.” America needs to know what exact position that Ivanka carries in the government, what she is privy to, and what is the pay for this title? Was Ivanka given a cabinet post, and if so was she approved by the Congress?

“Trump’s public statements regarding active and comprehensive brand management lead to a reasonable inference that the shoe at issue would not have been released without her approval,” U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest wrote in her decision Friday. “A deposition is appropriate.” This began when Aquazzura Italia SRL filed the suit last June against Trump’s company IT Collection LLC.

 The action claims Trump’s Hettie sandal is “virtually identical” to Aquazzzura’s Wild Thingshoe. In demanding that Trump is deposed, Aquazzura’s attorneys quoted Trump as recently saying, “There’s not a shoe I’m not intimately involved with designing.” One can find the farce in spinning webs of deceit that come back to bite you, and America is more than over the eradication of Americanism for Trumpism. The most enlightening aspect of the case is that other similar shoes of the same Italian designer somehow manage to become part of the Ivanka lineup. This is truly the underbelly of the Trump family, the theft, deception, and cover-up lying to hide criminal underhanded dealings. An American with the ability to distinguish between integrity and lack thereof can blatantly see that the family as a whole has shown the same patterns.

 One can see that the theft of design and style from the Italian designer is in pure view, while one can also distinguish the small niceties of the Italian shoe that makes it much more elegant, debonair, and worthy of the finest ladies outfits, while Ivanka’s are more crude, elementary, and cheap looking.

Looks like one could distinguish the two simply as Macy’s versus Woolworth…

America needs leaders of character and substance not of bloviating and underhandedness. Just how low can one family go that it must steal everything to end up looking like 2-bit hookers and thieves? America needs to know when will the Trumps begin to win the American way, and not the way of criminals…

While Ivanka is ripping off Italians, Donald is swinging his golf irons. Truly a disgraceful act considering the rude comments and insults gave to the previous President who did not go every weekend to his own villa or golf course, make money while playing golf, and ignoring the world affairs. America needs health insurance reform legislation that follows free market principles that will promote competition and transparency to lower costs and gets the government out of the way of the doctor-patient relationship to help improve the quality of care. Where is Donald when he should be working on such an insurance and stop calling it health care. Donald is making money at one of his golf courses while playing around and millions of Americans health is in peril. America must be welcoming of all people regardless of national origin or their religion while also remembering that our national security is a top priority. Where is Donald when we need a common-sense immigration policy, not built upon bigotry or uneducated thinking. Donald is playing a round of golf at one of his resorts making money. Republicans, in general, have been so focused on resisting liberal progress that they have no true conservative vision for this country at this moment, for example, true, real tax change that puts the poor at the top and the rich at the bottom in benefits from the tax code. America needs someone in Washington with real conservative vision, plans for accomplishing that, and the ability to communicate that to the real American voter. Together now, where is Donald Trump? He is at one of his golf resorts making money and playing golf.

America needs a common sense, America-centric integrity driven, honest, hard working, American to lead us into the next decade, and where is Donald Trump, at one of his golf course resorts charging taxpayers so he makes money and has not shown one iota of the America first idealism, but a full throttled Trump first ideology. Donald’s love affair with the power of the Presidency, the hiding behind closed doors, the untouchable position he is in has only created the worst of human creatures to sit in the Oval Office. There is more division, more corruption, more lying than most previous modern day Americans put together just by the Trump family and cohorts. Like the Clampetts, Donald is on a high, but when the oil fields dry up, he will still be the white trash that spends his days being bigoted and racist, wanting to date his own daughter, grab women by the crotch, and make mob deals out the back of Sammy’s hot dog stand…

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