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I have a topic for a lawyer’s research project. Do hung juries divide cleanly along party lines? I find it extremely hard to believe people, left to form an unpolitical judgment, would be so unified along a single definable variable. Last night I listened to Brett Kavanaugh protesters’ interviews. If I am to believe these people, they hold emotional, sympathy opinions, which are deeply felt by compassionate fellow humans…….and yet these conclusions and opinions appear being formed fact free! As events unfold, so reasoning and protests evolve from “Let the FBI investigate” to “The FBI investigation is incomplete and inadequate.” I also expect the Saturday Senate vote to clearly reflect blind party affiliation. So far, Senators and commentators pontificate groupthink.

Being a cynic, I am tempted to believe many are paid protesters, paid by groups funded by George Soros or another wealthy leftist. Protesters are fully briefed and given a script to build upon in their own words. The central theme is “Kavanaugh is a bully who disrespects women, drinks to excess and can become violent. He is guilty as charged and cannot prove his innocence.” Therefore, he does not have the temperament to be on the Supreme Court. Apparently, spirited defense against unfounded character assassination is no longer allowed. Protesters either do not know or if they know, they choose to ignore basic investigative ground rules. Hear-say is inadmissible. According to the accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, there were only three witnesses and these were interviewed multiple times and have also written letters. All repeatedly deny knowledge of the alleged event. Without a location, date or time what exactly can be investigated? Whose home were they in? None of the supposedly relevant witnesses for any other woman’s accusations are believed to have actually been present and seen anything. Third and fourth hand accounts are also inadmissible.

Background information and character witnesses for Ford and Kavanaugh attest to the character and motives for each. Kavanaugh has many friends who say that’s not who he is. His professional record is extensive. Seven FBI investigations attest to his sterling character. Ford was known as a party girl with loose morals and a male companion for six years revealed she committed perjury when she said she fears flying and never coached for or knew much about lie detector tests. She lied about the timing and purpose of her second front door. She has numerous ties to the CIA, mind control projects, the abortion industry, the Clintons and other leftists.. She co-wrote a paper on self-hypnosis. She has neither been defended or nor vouched for by friends or family. Evidence all points to timing and orchestration by those who will do any and everything to avoid having a constitutionally appointed conservative Supreme Court justice

I have a hard time believing people have become so illogical and irrational in their thinking that they willingly give up centuries of jurisprudence tradition stating “innocent until proven guilty,” in favor of “guilty until proven innocent.” These protesters must be paid shills. For the media to lend credence to unproven allegations is even more despicable. Of course, when the same or worse alleged deeds are committed by Democrats, there is “never any credible evidence found.”

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