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Let’s start off with a definition.  I’ve often referred to Islam as a cult, and have taken flak for doing so, but checking with the dictionary, this is what I found: CULT: a religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader.   Think of any number of recent Islamic leaders, or go back to the original, which would be Mohammed himself…doesn’t the definition fit them like a glove?  Of course it does.

The Quran, Islam’s Holy Book, was allegedly transcribed by Mohammed as he heard the words from Allah, the Moon God.   Since Allah was perfect, and Mohammed was perfect, then it follows, in a logical manner that the words in the Quran must be perfect also.   The problem, as it pertains to Holy Books, is that only the Quran, to the best of my knowledge, preaches violence and the killing of any other person, man, woman or child, who is an infidel…that is they are not a Muslim.  Not only does it set it down on paper, but it specifically targets Christians and Jews.   Lately, the most extreme members of this cult, calling themselves ISIS, or the Islamic State, have been murdering combatants and non-combatants alike, and in the most horrible of manners.  Beheadings, drownings, burning alive, throwing homosexuals off tall buildings…all fall into the area of permitted or condoned actions, because it’s in the writings of the Quran.

True believers of Islam will tell you that the consumption of alcohol is forbidden, but when that true believer, in his/her role as martyr, reaches paradise they can consume all the wine they can without getting drunk.  Somehow that seems illogical to me.   Another illogical section of the Quran deals with homosexuals…they are to be killed, period.  However, when the martyr gets to Paradise he may dally with all the dancing boys he wishes, and as a matter of fact, even here on earth the men seem to have a marked proclivity for young boys…and goats…and sheep and, probably camels too.   The Quran, and some modern Imams have stated that NO female human is too young to have sexual relations with a man…even if that action is forced upon them.   The Quran seems to have been written as a sort of handbook of heinousness…which, to me, accounts for the high rate of conversion in prisons.   Prisoners, and it seems a large proportion of the blacks, take to Islam because it allows them to do, in the name of their new-found “religion”, all the things for which they were imprisoned.

Utah, which used to be the home state for Mormon polygamists, must certainly be re-examining their laws about multiple marriages.   Islam permits a man to have up to four wives, and while that’s contrary to the laws of the United States, a true believer will tell you that Islam is above man-made laws, and therefore he may have those four wives.   In the UK, as an example, upwards of 100 thousand Muslims, who do no work, have multiple wives and each of those wives, along with the husband, draws on the welfare system of that host country.   They may not want to admit it, but England is going the way of the majority of Europe and that direction is down.  Europe is scheduled to become Eurabia in about 30 or 40 years, based on the changes in population…or demographics.

Demographics, the statistical data of a population, is showing that Muslims are out-breeding the native inhabitants of the host countries in which they reside.   It doesn’t take a genius to see and understand that when the Muslim population has reached a majority, no matter how slight, they will begin to amend laws, and make new ones that favor them, to the detriment of the natives.   Even in our own United States we are seeing this occur, albeit on a smaller scale.  A few cities here and there have allowed, or voted in, Muslims to a position of policy-making.   Our federal government is riddled with Muslims, mostly, if not all, appointed by the current occupant of the White House.  

There are those who will say that America is a land of immigrants, and they would be correct.  The difference being that those legal immigrants came here with the immigration service knowing a lot about them before they set foot on American soil.   At Ellis Island in New York harbor, they were questioned, examined, and in some cases, returned or quarantined because of an illness that had been detected.   Today, the tsunami of so-called refugees flooding the country brings with it diseases which we’ve either never seen or were eradicated decades ago.   If you’ve ever seen Godfather Part 2, you had a great visual as to what went on at Ellis Island.   This same tidal wave of humanity also brings with it a bunch of problems because of little or no vetting.   We cannot be sure that the illegal immigrant is not a member of ISIS, but we drop them willy-nilly into communities that are ill-prepared for them.

Wake up America, your country needs you…desperately.


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