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The final phase of every civilization is the looting phase…”

Who would have conjectured that credit card fraud insurance is, in itself, a fraud? North Americans are increasingly discovering MasterCard fraud insurance is a colossal fraud.

When cardholders pay that extra $25 per annum for card “protection,” it is exactly a double fraud they are guaranteeing.

And when ATMs are no longer functional, during power outages, only North Americans with a personal cash reserve and “functional” silver will best survive.

But here’s how credit card profiteering works. Very clever. Very sophisticated. All the while giving a false sense of security while unwittingly contributing hundreds of millions to corporate thieves.

When paying on your monthly in-store credit card, and you are not credited in real time, this is the first alarm bell to go off. Several days later, when you discover your payment still isn’t activated, this is the second alarm bell. Something has gone wrong.

You then call an agent, who innocently tells you your last payment has not been recorded. Not satisfied with that “customer service,” you then call a second agent. In this process, about the sixth agent you contact, who is new there, decides to look deeper into the situation.

Aha! After 50 minutes he discovers your payment was received 48 hours following payment. But, he doesn’t know himself, why the payment wasn’t credited in real time (as done for years) and why it still wasn’t activated several days later!

And why, say, $800 was deducted but no transactions from you are recorded. It was “just deducted” with no explanation let alone who received it.

It is then you sense in-house credit card theft.

You then tell him you’ve been paying credit card fraud insurance for years. It’s never been needed till now. You feel secure. He makes note of it. And then the next shocker: “The investigative process is 2-3 months and then they will notify you.”

What?! These store chains with their own Mastercards absolutely do not care about customer loyalty at this point. They must know of a coming severe downturn in the economy. They are among globalists who prop each other and support each other in profiteering schemes.

The credit card victim then receives a letter three months later. It’s merely a letter showing the final transactions before the complaint was filed. After three months, there’s been no investigation yet. “But Mastercard allotted time for this dispute investigation is almost over.”

What? Now the cardholder, paying fraud protection for years, panics and calls another agent – only to find the dispute dept. cannot access the files of the first six call agents complaints were filed with. “It’s the structure we have here. There is no communication between departments.”

“But… but…” the well-meaning credit card owner stammers. “Why wasn’t I referred to them in the first place? The first six agents just recorded dead notes, notes just left to sit there.”

No answer.

So – discouraging the masses away from credit card usage and toward a cashless society – store Mastercards structure their call centers to be worthless and “intentionally dysfunctional.” They can now keep all the years of credit-card fraud “protection money” you paid, to ultimately receive nothing in return. And with the assistance of their non-customer-oriented call-in structure – illogical as the Left – one gets nowhere, as planned. (Remember the globalists by their own admission are amoral and non-Christian survival-of-the-fittest.)

Finally, they keep the, say, $800 you paid to never see activated – giving no explanation and no fraud insurance payment – following its simple disappearance “with no transactions to account for. The receipt for the payment is somehow irrelevant, but they can’t explain why…

Especially if something similar has happened to you, or someone you know, please leave your comments below!  The Globalist Left has a war on honest North Americans!

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