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Creating the Unified State Information Agency:

As a long time reader of the English versions of Pravda and Shin Tao News I have always been impressed with the way the government of either country is able to put their slant into articles that appear to be from “journalists”. The author names may change from time to time but the wary eye will realize that the take on things is from that which benefits the propaganda mill that supports the government. Goebbels and Himmler in the work up to Hitlers ascendency recognized the value of having front people reporting the news from a Nazi angle. At first encouraging writing from vantage points that reflected unrest and social justice and bringing down the wrong headed and lame brained regime of the day, would lead to paid stooges, and threats and finally intimidation and then violence.

Todays reportage in the Republic swings between the totally socialist interpretation of events, with long winded explanations of why communism is the right way to go without ever calling it what it is, to abject disdain for anything supportive of “the flawed constitution” and the rule of old white men. Ridicule and bias, the rewriting of truth to suit the marxist hordes and the outright lies that flow so easily from the commander in chief are unsettling the mass of people and causing them to wonder what to believe. Into this vacuum the very skillful propagandists and neurolinguistic programmers are having a field day. The Pavlovian response of the public must have the minders of truth wetting themselves with glee. It works, it really works, you can bend public opinion and make them believe that night is day.

As more news and opinion that is reported or proffered finds itself challenged and sued in courts of law, a new offensive has opened up against free speech and seems ruled by how “offended” specific groups are, with coatings of “outrage” sprinkled on top. It seems as if the left knows that if We The People only see volumes of weighty tomes showing that the mass belief of the public in this or that writers words, sheer volume alone wins the day. After all, how can so many people be wrong Adolf, the obvious truth becomes the one that you see most often. The mass of people start leaning in directions that they did not support in the past because it seems that the majority of people are leaning that way as well. Mass deception by sheer volume of opinions shut Joe Public up as Jews were herded into cattle cars. “They must have done something wrong, after all, the police wouldn’t arrest folks without good reason, and did you see what the local paper has to say about what is taught in their synagogues?”

The leap from “everybody knows” and believes a lie, to punishing the malefactors, is a short one. When the government colludes with media to put out its own lies, look out, they have already chosen their victims and the rounding up of the dissident won’t be far behind. Note to Christians…..Obama is not one of you and you are to blame….you can see it on MSNBC or read it in the Times…..The cattle cars won’t be far behind.


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