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Many years ago, parents used to teach their children to respect others and their property. The children were taught to respect police officers who were there to help them and protect the community. They taught their children the value of a dollar and the fact that you had to work for what you acquired. Possessions weren’t just handed to them because they wanted them. They had to be earned. You took better care of your possessions because you paid for them. They had meaning because they were earned. Children were held accountable for what they did wrong and had to pay the consequences for their bad actions. I’m sure there are parents who still try to teach their children values, but too many want to be their child’s friend instead of being parents and setting rules and handing out discipline. Too many have lost control of their own children.

When a child played on a ball team from school or a community team, years ago and the team lost the game, they weren’t handed a trophy just because they played. Instead, the coach told them that they played good but that they would need to try harder to win the trophy. Children today are given no incentive to work harder. Why bother to play harder to win if they already receive a trophy just for showing up. Today, we are more concerned about hurting their little feelings instead of building up their self-esteem the correct way.

Children need to learn failure. Failure is part of life and if they don’t learn how to handle failure when they are young, they will not be able to cope with what life hands them through the years. Life will not always be picture perfect and it will not always be fair. Life is not going to be free of failure or stress throughout their years. They need to learn that there will be ups and downs as they live their life. When faced with failure, they need to learn how to deal with it, pick up the pieces and move forward with their life. Learning to deal with failures and move on will help to make them a stronger person.

They need to teach the children to solve problems that may arise and be able to deal with any failures that come their way. If parents continue to hand the child what they want and are always there to bail them out of trouble, what happens to that child when they are faced with a failure or a problem and the parents are not around to lend them a hand or bail them out? Parents need to think about what they are doing to their child. Continually solving their problems for them or picking them up when they fail, is doing more damage to that child than they are helping him or her. They parents can be there for the child if he or she fails and wants to talk, but don’t totally solve the problem for them. Have them work it out and be there to guide them through the problem solving if they need it.

Our country is losing it’s way as more and more, it is shoved into the deep dark cesspool of NO values, No morals, No respect for others, No respect for the property of others. Everyone wanting something for free. NOTHING is free.. someone pays for it. We have become a country where people expect a hand out instead of wanting to work for it. And we continue to teach the same to the upcoming generations. It’s time to start teaching our young, that NOTHING is free. Stop just handing over what they want. Make them earn what they want. You have to start teaching them when they are young and set it in their minds.

We continue to do the same with the illegal aliens who break the laws to enter our country. We hand them rights and benefits with our tax dollars. They are rewarded for breaking our laws and not held accountable for breaking into our country illegally. We encourage them to break the laws by handing them these benefits free. We are sending the illegal aliens the wrong messages and parents are sending their children the wrong messages. NOTHING is free.. someone is paying the price. When parents just hand over material things to their children and not make them earn it, the parents are paying the price. In the long run, others will pay the price of not teaching them values. The illegal aliens are handed free benefits and the citizens of the country pay the price and the problem of illegal aliens flooding the country continues to grow. The free college that Hillary or Bernie want to give everyone. It is NOT free. Someone will pay for it. It won’t be just robbing Peter to pay Paul. It will also be robbing Peter to pay Peter. The government will be in your pockets taking your money so they can give you the free college. The money has to come from somewhere and if will be you, along with others who will pay for it.

Our country has lost its way in many areas. The young are our country’s future. We need to teach them morals, values, responsibility, work ethics, respect for others, respect for the property of others, respect for the laws, and that anything they do wrong comes with consequences. They need to learn that NOTHING comes free. It all comes with a price in one way or another.


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