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Florida has become the laughing stock of the national election process again, with rogue county election supervisors violating election laws in order to throw the election. They have also proven that the counties with cities that have the large populations controlled the state’s vote, making the smaller counties votes worthless. The mid-term elections show that there is a need for each state to have an Electoral College.

New York state has New York City, Illinois has Chicago and so on, the political machines that run the big cities dictate how the rest of their state will operate. A state-level Electoral College that gives each county one vote for each candidate and each issue would be based on the vote tally result from within each county. The results for each county would then go to the state Electoral College that would total all the counties for the state’s final result. This will eliminate the cities from having control over an entire state by giving equal voting weight to each county.

In an election where the winners and losers were separated by 1 to 2 percentage points, accurate ballot reporting is a must. In South Florida that has proven to be elusive, especially when the magic ballots begin to appear. Of Florida’s 67 counties, 9 counties with the large city populations went blue for Democrat Candidates, the remaining 58 counties went Red for the Republican Candidates. This would bring the effect of the ballot box stuffing in one or two counties that can throw the elections for the entire state to an end.

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