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Obama and the Democrats have been dismantling America right before our eyes and the RINOs in Congress have done naught to stop it!  He has appointed liberal judges to our federal courts with the intention of preventing any restorations being made by conservatives to the nation that his policies have torn apart.  Liberals are stopping voter ID laws in courts they control so as to maintain Democrat’s voter fraud machine wherein they steal the votes of the 50% who don’t vote, have dead people and illegal aliens vote, and enable their pollsters to present corrupted ballots without contest.  Florida has become a notorious bastion of liberal voter fraud with Democrat electors presenting more votes than they have registered voters and throwing out all Republican ballots.  Leftist attorneys general are refusing to investigate them and leftist judges are squashing prosecutions of them.

The left is notorious for choosing the wrong solution to the problem.  Rather than choose a problem solver, they have elected those who created the problem only to have them make it worse, blame the other guy, and promise that if given absolute power that they can fix it!  The problem is that they never fix the problem, but just fix blame on Republicans, capitalism, and Christianity.

Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm

Democrats elected a snake oil salesman of no accomplishment other than being a smooth talker named Barack Hussein Obama.  A black, Moslem socialist who said he was essentially a white, Christian American.  Obama promised to;

  • unify the country
  • bring peace to the nations
  • and heal the Earth.

How do you elect someone who was raised in the faith with whom you are fighting a war and expect any good to come of it?  Because he said he was Christian the Democrat media says, “You must take him at his word,” and you accept that?  Have you never heard of lying and deception?  Have you never heard that actions speak louder than words?  How do you believe someone who has never built or accomplished anything besides winning popularity contests will perform miracles?

“It’s not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us.” – Rachel Dawes, Batman Begins

“When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.” – Euripides, Orestes

What does Barack Hussein Obama represent?  Black’s represent half the criminals in America because their culture has been so severely corrupted that their families have fallen apart.  Their children grow up idolizing gangsters and treating their women as ‘hos, tramps, and b*tches, abandoning their children to be wards of the state that makes them welfare voter slaves.  All Democrats have done for the past century is promise to steal for them while giving their jobs, education, and advancement opportunities to illegal aliens.  Then there’s Socialism – the ideology America fought in the 20th century that tried to enslave the world, killed a hundred million people, and made billions more destitute servants of the state.

And why would anyone believe someone who says they are Christian, yet attacks Christianity on every side while empowering Islam to renew the Jihad against the world?  This is the man the Left looked to as their new messiah!  If their intention was to destroy rather than build then they have succeeded!  Their obvious goal has been to destroy America and rebuild it in their image.  Democrats are bankrupting America and blaming Republicans and capitalism in the hopes of creating a collapse from which they will lead America into a new, socialist age of globalism!  Have you never heard of the Piven-Cloward Strategy?  Then liberals listen to Hillary Clinton saying she wants to build bridges to our enemies and invite them into our homes rather than build walls to protect us against them and they cheer!

Dysfunctional liberal logic vs. Trump

This is proof of the dysfunctional logic of liberals backwards think!  Hillary Clinton and the Democrats must be stopped before they complete the dismantling of America.  Democrats are transforming America it into another socialist dictatorship in which they will be the one party elite ruling over their subjects like the Russians, Chinese, Cubans, and Venezuelans.  Dabbling in socialism has always led to one inevitable conclusion – decline and fall into totalitarianism.  Socialism is the parent ideology of Fascists, Nazis, Communists, and Islamists where a ruling elite is the new nobility lording it over the peasant who serve them.

Now it has come to this – a billionaire businessman has stepped up to stop the Democrats and their RINO allies from stealing America into bankruptcy to collapse the nation and rebuild it as their banana republic.  His technique has been unorthodox and he has been smeared mercilessly by the Democrat media on one side and conservative intellectuals on the other, but there is method to his madness.  Clinton, the Queen of Corruption, thinks she can win by slandering Trump’s character, but she is mistaken.

People do not become billionaires and beloved bosses by being crackpots.  Trump’s method of appealing to the people on their level has worked and it’s only the intellectuals who fail to understand his leadership skills.  Trump has been the only one on the Republican side who fights and wins against the Democrat media.  Do you want to save America?  It’s either give it to the Queen of Corruption or take a chance on a patriot who stepped up because he has watched the dismantling of America and the suffering of her citizens and said, “ENOUGH!”

We must stop Hillary to save America!

Rush Limbaugh expresses the hope of patriots –

“Anybody but Hillary Clinton!  Anybody but more of what we have had the last eight years!!!  Anybody!  It can’t get more destructive than what we’ve had the last eight years, and we do not need somebody who is simply gonna rubber stamp what has happened and try to build on it, and that’s Hillary Clinton.  We’re losing our country.  Our country’s being torn apart. Our country’s being disassembled right before our very eyes by people who have that as their objective.  And it’s working on people like Colin Kaepernick, by the way.  It’s working on a whole lot of otherwise innocent people who are being radicalized each and every day by hatred for this country, which is absurd.  We are the luckiest people in the history of humanity.”

Donald Trump is America’s last best hope to stop the Democrat’s dissolution of the Constitution and remaking America as the new hellhole of socialist rule.


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