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I am a lover, atheist..

A niqab or hijab would have been more convincing.

The title of this article can be seen in the banner in the photograph on the left. The photograph appeared in an article about Anti-Sharia Law Protests and Counter Anti-Sharia Law Protests. While I have no doubt that the counter protesters consider themselves to be wonderful people, this particular banner demonstrates beyond all doubts that they are also extremely stupid people.

Let’s start with the proclamation that “I am an atheist.” It is a contradiction in terms to be an atheist supporting religion for it requires that at the very least you do not believe in the God of the religion you support. I would like to know how such a person would fare under Sharia Law.

In Islam, Christians and Jews are at least recognized to be peoples of the book which proclaims the creator God known in Islam as Allah. To NOT BELIEVE in God at all is as far as you can get away from Islam unless perhaps you are an apostate – one who did believe but no longer believes.

The atheist holding the banner in this photograph ‘stands with Islam.’ What specifically are they standing with Islam about? The answer is obvious: ‘We want Sharia Law!’ So this atheist wants religious law to replace secular law in the good old USA? Since when did the left, the liberal progressives, support non-separation between religion and state?

Well obviously I am misrepresenting the meaning of the protester here. What they mean is that they support the right of one section of society to have and to hold their own culture and beliefs and they do this by protesting against another section of society’s right to have and to hold their own culture and beliefs.

The word ‘patriot’ of course is quite impressive, linked as it is with standing with Islam. As the USA is not an Islamic country I can only assume that the protester is either declaring allegiance to a religion (a bit strange for an atheist), or to a country other than the USA. There I go again misrepresenting the protester. What she means is that a true patriot stands up for the rights of its citizens – which is why she is protesting against the rights of those who don’t want religious law – Sharia Law – in the USA.

I’m sure the banner holder had only the best intention in declaring herself to be a ‘lover’ but it is not a term she should use in connection with Sharia Law. I wonder if she knows the penalty for sex outside of marriage under Sharia Law.

I also wonder if she knows that Saudi Arabia has now elevated women from the position of OBJECTS to that of MAMMALS (but not humans)

Saudi Arabia: Panel of Scientists admits Women are Mammals, yet ‘Not Human.’

I also wonder if she understands just how much money Saudi Arabia provides for the promotion of Islam and the building of Mosques in the USA? (more than $75 billion in 2004). In a 2015 article it is claimed that $32 Billion had just been pledged.

So I just have to wonder what it is that these supporters of Muslim rights to Sharia Law think that they are actually doing. Are they aware of how Sharia Law relates to gay, abortion, and feminist rights? I know that many of them will tell you (as I have been told and read several times) that terrorists are not real Muslims and that real Muslims would never commit acts of terror. Just that point alone is so obviously wrong to anyone who actually understands religion and fundamentalism.

I think that the kindest thing one could say of these non-Muslim supporters is that they are just Virtue Signaling. A not so kind thing to say about them is that they are just Islam’s Useful Idiots. One could however accuse them of far worse.

I was discussing this counter-protest today with a Chinese student and to explain my perception of what these people are doing I painted the following scenario.

All over China people are angry with European people because it has been revealed that so many Europeans living and working in China are either spies, pedophiles or just trying to find a Chinese wife and so make it harder for Chinese men to find wives. The Chinese are so angry that they have formed committees to beat and kill all the white men that they can. Because I am sure that the Chinese are right in taking this action, I myself go looking to join up with these killing groups. I want to show that I support them.

My student burst out laughing and said: ‘That is so stupid! Why would you do that?’EXACTLY!

Mind you, there have been over the years numerous foreigners who went running off to Gaza to show their solidarity, only to end up beaten, raped or killed as was the case for Mr. Arrigoni, an Italian peace activist.


As for me – I’m not exactly white.

Post Script:

In this Clarion Project article, it is stated that Linda Sarsour (The Sharia Promoting Muslim Activist) tweeted: “There is NOT ONE example of Muslims trying to impose Sharia on ANY ONE. No legislations. Anti-Muslim rallies playing on the gullible.”

Although I totally disagree with Christians (in the video) protesting at the Muslim activity and indeed do not at all believe that counter-protesters are justified in holding protests IN THE FACE of another group’s in-progress protest (later or next day is fine), the Clarion Project article does draw to attention to the need for Non-Muslims to wake up to what it is they are promoting.

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