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During the Al Smith dinner in New York City Thursday evening, Hillary Clinton joked that if Trump wins it might create an awkward situation at the White House annual Presidents’ Day photo.

Clinton wondered: “How is Barack going to get past the Muslim ban?”

The awkward response from the overwhelmingly New York Times-reading liberal audience was muted with a scattering of giggles.

Interesting that, as of Friday noon, Clinton’s inference about Obama’s religion hadn’t generated a peep from those “news” operations who daily peddle their “news narratives” as news.

Had Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton made the claim, “the usual suspects” would be screaming from the rafters that Trump was unfit to be President.

This is just another count in the indictment of Clinton’s most effectively corrupt PAC (formerly known as the “mainstream news media”) as they engage in RICO violations in an effort to determine the outcome of the 2016 elections.

The extreme news media bias that pervades election news shelters many loyal Clinton supporters from knowledge of the damning content of both FBI material and WikiLeaks revelations involving thousands of formerly undisclosed emails that are devastating to Clinton and her campaign committee.

The same biased news media purposefully failed to notice the dissembling in Clinton’s non-response to Chris Wallace’s WikiLeaks question during Wednesday’s debate.

When asked about WikiLeaks revelations, Clinton pivoted to a claim that according to all our intelligence agencies, Russia is conducting clandestine intelligence surveillance of the United States.

Gee, what a surprise. Russia is doing to us exactly what we (and the UK and Israel and China, etc.) do to Russia. Intelligence agencies are committed to obtaining intelligence. Why is that a surprise?

That fact has nothing to do with the source of WikiLeaks documents being released. Clinton merely asserts a fabrication for which she has no evidence and which assertion has no backing from any of our intelligence agencies.

Too bad neither Trump nor Wallace smacked Clinton down for her equivalent stunt to a child crossing its fingers behind its back while lying to its parents.

Recall how Clinton dissembled when asked about classified documents on her private servers. She claimed no documents marked “classified” were either sent or received on her servers.

To those who may not be aware (and as one who held a DoD security clearance for more than 30 years), classified documents are not marked “Classified”! Documents are marked by their classification (e.g., “CONFIDENTIAL”, “SECRET”, “SECRET/NOFORN”, “TOP SECRET”, etc.).

That is why FBI Director Comey identified multiple cases of classified documents, some at the very highest level classification, having been both received by and sent from Clinton’s private nonsecure email servers over a period of years.

So as any good lawyer understands, Clinton deceived the people with her response and, to her own corrupt mindset was being technically honest in claiming documents were not marked “Classified”.

Technically honest, deliberately deceitful and dishonest.

That is the “ethics” on which Hillary Clinton’s actions are based.

Clinton compounded her dishonesty when she misled listeners to the latest debate by claiming Putin is backing Trump when she has absolutely no evidence of any such connection.

In fact, it is really Hillary and Bill Clinton who have major connections with Putin. Not the least of which was through Hillary’s corrupt “pay to play” operation as Secretary of State when, in exchange for $35 million in deposits to the Clinton Foundation through a Canadian “charity” run by a friend of the Clintons, Putin’s Russia was granted exemptions from federal laws in order for Russia to obtain rights to a large share of deposits of uranium ore, including 5% of US uranium ore.

Have the “usual suspects” peddling their biased narratives mentioned any of these connections recently? Not once during 2016.

Clinton continues unscathed, peddling her false narratives in coordination and cooperation with news media and the Obama administration. The stench of RICO violations of these three entities permeats the Washington swamp.

Is the corrupt news media attempting a “silent coup” by a combination of their daily propaganda against Donald Trump and their steadfast refusal to expose their audience to the truth about the extent of Clinton’s corruption and serial lying?

Will the American people be led like sheep to aid and abet this silent coup?

Are the American people willing to accept the political corruption of public education, news media, and government?

According to the most respectable polls, no.

The respected LA Times/USC daily nationwide tracking poll shows that as of October 21:

  • Trump has led Clinton on 71% of days since July 10
  • Trump has led Clinton on 37 of the past 39 days by an average of 3.1%.
  • Trump has met or exceeded Clinton’s highest poll number 24 times.
  • Clinton has polled below Trump’s lowest poll number 15 times.

Three of the best methodology polls (LA Times/USC, Rasmussen, IBD) continue to show Donald Trump with a nationwide lead that is growing while Clinton is mired in the lower 40% range. Only the serioualy flawed “hit and run” mini-polls continue to create an illusion that Clinton holds a strong lead over Trump.

The number of those wagering on election outcomes with Las Vegas bookmakers has historically been the most accurate indicator of which candidate will win the election.

As of late Wednesday after the debate, 65% of those placing bets on the 2016 presidential election are betting on Donald Trump.

Perhaps those massive Trump rallies in contrast with the mini-rallies that Clinton scrapes together actually mean something!

Let’s do everything we can to assure November 8 is a winning day for our constitutional republic, justice, honesty, integrity, the American people, and those betting on Donald Trump.


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