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I will pick the non-Saint, Trump, over the liar and abuser of position. Both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton are far from being saints, when it comes to adultery  and crude language. Hillary for being an enabler is not guiltless in this area. Has Hillary broke other commandments  like baring false witness, persecuting Christians, and may be even murder.

The abuse of power started in Arkansas when Bill was state attorney general, and it went through his presidency, Hillary’s career in the senate as a senator from  New York, her position as secretary of state and nominee for president  of the U.S. Some of the scandals have an eerie feeling because of coincidental deaths of people part of the scandal or investigation. This included Vince Foster and Ron Brown. Not enough proof to convict. Besides the sex scandals, there was Whitewater, travel gate, file gate and others.

Hillary knew with her power she could get past Obama, if it came to that because she would get him closely involved if needed. They would cover for each other.

When the FBI finally got around on checking out the private server they found her to be extremely careless but no indictment. Sine that time the information that was forced to be released by some courts, and e-mail hacks, information was let out to the public. Much of the information was blotted out. More then a usual of grants for immunity were given out.

There was enough information to show that Hillary had lied during congressional hearings, even though she lives in denial, and is somewhat protected by  the destroyed or missing e-mails. The private server and other devices had national security information.

The leaks of the Clinton Foundation, showed it was an access route  to the government for a price. It worked in scheduling  speeches first for Bill and then Hillary.  The big donors were banks and foreign governments. The speaking fees and donations were high enough in some eyes, that there was more behind the scenes. People received something major in return,  or are gambling on Hillary being elected president. Hillary has abused their power to keep from being prosecuted, because they were at the top, above the attorney generals, or protected by a president. She thinks she is above the law, because no one has been able to prosecute her. The voter is her prosecutor, if she doesn’t steal the election.

Trump might not be a saint but: he is pro-life,  wants the ruling preventing churches from taking a political stand and keep their tax free exemption; let businesses separate general service from private service if it goes against religious beliefs. The LBGT community would have ordinary rights and be protected but no special rights. Since true transgenders  can not be separated from perverts, Restrooms and locker rooms would be defined by their birth sex or until the operation is complete.

The moral question aside and could be considered equal, Trump has a plan to try and correct the current mess, and the mess of the future that has been started.

Look at my past articles for ones in the future. I try to give facts, but I will admit that I have some bias.


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