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How should we respond to the accusation that the Republican tax bill only benefits the rich corporations and harms “the little guy?”

We need to have a better reply then getting into the weeds or accepting their premise.

The next time I hear some retread liberal talking head recite the nonsense that companies are not people and that they are evil, I will vomit. Every organization consists of people. The idea that the law allows for certain entities to stand as a legal fiction and person in court is not an argument against their motivations. And when they say that corporate CEOs are big mean greedy fat cats I’m going to scream! Yes! Many are, but that doesn’t mean that we hate all corporations.

Most politicians are stupid, feckless, debauched, lustful, envious and evil. Many staffers, administrators and bureaucrats are all this and back stabbing incompetent boobs.

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Many nonprofit CEOs are at least as greedy as the for-profit executives. And, they deserve more ire because they have masked their sick and twisted ambition behind a cloak of benevolence and use the compassion of others to ingratiate themselves. In addition to coveting many are liars.

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But, this is not the most effective tack to take.

In a sound bite on a cable news station, such a FOX, we need a better counter-punch.

Not all CEOs are corrupt, but even if they are, what do they provide? What does a good CEO lead? A company that provides products that meet the needs of customers.

An effective reply must detail some of the products and companies that provide things that we enjoy, and even stuff that liberals love!

The next time a liberal attacks tax reductions that benefit everyone including people that work for and invest in corporations we should reply with this barrage:

Do you oppose Starbucks making money? It is a corporation. I don’t like their politics but I still buy their damn coffee because it’s pretty good and convenient.

Do you like the Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac? Another corporation. Again, I hate their political positions, but I buy their stuff because it is user friendly and reliable.

How about Walmart? There is a corporation you love to hate, but they provide Apple, KitchenAide, food and other quality products to many people at reduced prices.

If you use Google, that’s a corporation. Tesla? A corporation. What about Netflix? It’s a corporation. Amazon? Corporation. NY Times? Yup, that’s a corporation. Where do you eat out? It’s most likely a corporation. Do you like having your cell phone and internet service? You bought it from a mean company.

You hate Comcast and Verizon? If you don’t want to pay for the service you receive then cancel, right now. Vote with your feet and your money. Leave them and go somewhere else. But, if you can’t find another competitive company to provide you what you need then you should appreciate what they did do, at the price they charged.

This is the way to handle the charge that tax cuts benefit corporations, throw it back in their face.

On a broader scale, when you have the time you can dispute the notion that all CEOs are malicious. If these liberals want to go down this path, it leads to total depravity. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…” The fact remains that as bad as all human beings are and can be, there is only one solution: Jesus Christ. That means that if they have a problem with greed, envy, lust, gluttony, pride, wrath, vanity and sloth then we need more genuine Christians doing more good for righteousness sake and to God’s glory!

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Garrison Smythe

A young loner on a crusade for the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.


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