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As I was watching a recording from last night’s Shannon Bream it occurred to me that the Kavanaugh-Ford brouhaha may be distracting – us on the social-political Right – from organizing for the mid-terms…

This isn’t anything any of the writers here @ iPatriot doesn’t know or think about, but a concerted effort should be ubiquitously articulated as possible to encourage voters not to trust any Democrat candidate for any office… The message to family, friends and relatives should be encouraged to help spread is that no matter how acceptable any individual Democrat may appear, and no matter how much they claim they will be independent from Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, they will align themselves with Democrats to block anything and everything which may advance Trump’s agenda, that of the Republicans and the American people… Of course y’all know the Democrats have been running guys like Connor Lamb – here in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional seat – and he has promised to be an independent Democrat; except when Democratic leadership need his to help defeat a Republican agenda item… Spread the news, that they are Democrats – and will vote the DNC interests no matter what they claim their position on abortion, 2nd Amendment, immigration, or any hot-button issue… Also, in looking @ there a number of Lefties checking with other Lefties that their registration and the registrations of those they know are up to date…

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