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In recent years, as patriotic American citizens have grown both weary and wary of “business as usual” in Washington, D.C., particularly during the destructive and failed Obama Presidency, a movement has began calling for a “Convention of States” as authorized under Article V of the U.S. Constitution. Under its provisions, two-thirds of the states, which today means 34 of 50, may call a Convention if duly authorized by an act of their respective state legislators. Thus far, eleven states have acted, but to convene a Convention of States would require action by the legislatures of 23 additional states.

Patriots and Constitutional Conservatives across America are sickened and disgusted by our Federal Court Judges and our Cowardly Congress filled with “Demon-crats and RINO’s” who have largely ignored the will and wishes of the citizens and voters for decades. Various states and organizations such as “Free Nebraska”, have concluded that fixing the terrible mess politicians have made of our government will requiring the states, through a Convention to Amend our Constitution, enact provisions that Congress has long neglected or refused to enact.

Among the issues likely to emerge from Conservatives during a Convention of States includes: (1) Overturning Roe v. Wade by an Amendment protecting all human life, including the unborn (but not affecting the death penalty for capital crimes); (2) A ” Balanced Budget Amendment “, which would put a permanent end on deficit spending and increasing national debt, except temporarily in national emergencies; (3) An Amendment strengthening and clarifying the rights of states under the 10th Amendment; (4) Clarifying any alleged misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment, guaranteeing citizens the clear and absolute right to own and bear arms; (5) An immigration-restrictive amendment, especially one that permanently denies citizenship to “anchor babies”; (6) An Amendment specifying Term Limits for Members of Congress and the Judiciary, to abolish the “professional politician”.

Patriots and Constitutional Conservatives view a Convention of States as the means to Bypass the Congress and Federal Courts and Amend the Constitution with Provisions that ensure “Originalism” and Strict Interpretation, thus abolishing “Judicial Activism and “Legislating”, while also enacting other Amendments that forever outlaws the murder of unborn children by Abortion and requires a thorough and difficult process for any foreign national to gain resident status or citizenship in America. Many who are gravely concerned about the sovereignty of America, would favor clarifying through an amendment that nationalism reigns supreme, and no multinational body such as the United Nations may in any way interfere with American sovereignty.

There are certainly great merits in a Convention of States that succeeds in enacting amendments and/or provisions that solidifies Constitutional “Originalism”, the rights of States, the rights of the unborn, the rights of citizens vs. the lack of any “rights” for illegal aliens; abolishes the “professional politician ” and the “Federal Reserve ” and deficit spending, and generally putting a Conservative – Patriot stamp on our Constitution. We must recognize however, that there will be “deep blue liberal ” states present at any such Convention; Deep Blue New York, for example, is, alongside Deep Red Texas are two of the eleven states whose legislatures have called for a Convention of States. Fortunately, ratification of Amendments is difficult, requiring approval of three fourths of state legislatures, or 38 of 50 states. At this time, Republicans and Conservatives dominate Governorships and State Legislatures, which favors the two most vitally important outcomes of a Convention: first, at present it is far more likely that any proposed amendments that are approved would favor Conservatives; second, we are presently about as close as we have been in nearly a century, of having enough G.O.P. and Conservative control of State Governorships and Legislatures, to enable actual ratification of amendments favorable to Conservatives. However, elections have consequences, and all this could dramatically change in a few years, perhaps even before enough states sign on to actually call a Convention of States.

Thus, Patriots and Conservatives must clearly understand that a Convention of States is not without risks. Should left-wing Globalists and Liberals happen to gain increased power, usurping the power Conservatives presently hold, such a Convention of States might end up under the control of Left-Wing Globalists. Instead of strengthening the conservative cause and significantly curbing the power of the federal government, the wresting of control of such a Convention by the Left and the Globalists could effectively destroy our Consitution, our rights and freedoms, and lead us directly to tyranny and Globalist Totalitarianism that would spell the destruction of the United States of America, instead of strengthening her and rectifying the damage and destruction liberal, globalist politicians like Lyndon Johnson, Jimmie Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have wrought during the past half century.

This writer, a Constitutional Conservative, Patriot and Christian, considers this essay as a dire warning to other like minded Patriots that we must ” be careful what we ask for “. A ” Convention of States ” on one hand, might infuse great fervor, energy and enlightenment into our Constitution and our Leaders, and honor the Judeo-Christian, Conservative Ethos that has recently been largely abandoned. On the other hand, the Convention of States could also destroy what remains of that Judeo-Christian, Originalist, Conservative Ethos, and replace it with Socialist, Globalist and unspeakable evil that would destroy everything that was built into “American Exceptionalism” and the hopes and dreams of principled men and women everywhere.

Should a Convention of States be convened, the stakes will have never been higher, the risks will have never been more grave, and for the Convention to succeed for American Patriots, the task must be viewed through the lens of John F. Kennedy’s 1961 Inauguration speech; “God’s Work, must truly be our own” !

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