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I’m confused.

You say I can’t talk about “politics” in your church because politics is “controversial”.

How can a subject be called “controversial” upon which everyone agrees?

Doesn’t everyone in your church agree it’s a crime, according to the Bible, to murder your own baby? Of for your son to decide he’s a girl? Are the 200 verses about immigration not enough for the members of your church to agree about immigration?

How can Christians disagree about whether to sin? How can members of your church disagree about whether the items at the top of God’s list of abominations are sins? If all the members of your church stand together against sin, how can talking about sin be called “controversial”?

When government requires as a “right” what God judges as an “abomination”, because that is what voters require of their government, does that confuse the members of your church about whether Christians ought to commit them and vote for them?

To be a member of your church, doesn’t someone need to be considered saved? If members of your church murder their own babies and do not even repent, does that raise any doubt whether they are really saved?

If a member of your church votes for government to require murder and perversion, is that spiritually different than directly committing them? Can you vote to darken the hearts of others, and to drive others away from God, through promotion and protection of abominations by law, and retain a clean heart yourself? A heart that loves God and trusts His commandments? A heart that is going to like Heaven?

If a member of your church has a heart dark with sin, yet is being assured he is saved, and everyone in the church is assured that this member is an example of someone who is saved, isn’t that something you need to talk about?

But if every member of your church really is saved, with a heart cleansed by the blood of Jesus, a heart that shudders at sin, how can it be “controversial” to talk about how members can cooperate in cleansing the land of laws that subsidize sin and punish disrespect for abominations?

Like the little boy who sees the emperor parading naked while the crowds remarked about his elegant clothes, I’m confused. Like that little boy, I can’t figure out whether it is me that is confused, or the whole crowd.

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