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After observing the chaos created by country after country distorting economies, the G-20 evidently has no one attending that can look at the folly of government intervention in the economy and see the results.  So by consensus these mobsters have decided that by cooperative regulation and interference they can undo the spaghetti they individually contributed to.  No one stood up and talked about what role capitalism should play although that is the system that has contributed to more prosperity than any of the collectivist models that have failed throughout the last century and beyond.

These power hungry despots think by conniving and evading they can come up with a system of controls that will make the market behave as they wish no matter what distortions they introduce or what political pandering they adhere to. The cry of “we must cooperate” translates into “ I don’t want to fail alone.  No need to worry about that given the sheep mentality exhibited.

You will recall how the Soviet Union tried to implement a CO-chairmanship and it quickly reverted to a one man rule.  There is always the rationale that disagreements thwart quick action and therefore the need for one man rule.  Imagine that approach to a world economy?  One person would dictate the price of clock springs and all other products commodities and services.  This from countries that feared monopolies from the private sector.

Can you imagine the size of the regulatory apparatus necessary to probe every accounting input, every inventory item, every price structure and every attempted merger?  Can you imagine the size of the revenue collecting agencies and their inspectors?  Each nation would mistrust the others as they do now and the investigations would be constantly petitioned.  The disruption that various countries would attempt would need to be reviewed and rescinded or revamped.  Meanwhile people would need to provide for daily living while the bumbling world government tried to figure out where the price of wheat should be.  The microcosm of Soviet Russia and the starvation and discontent evidently wasn’t convincing for the die hard collectivists who still cling to the dream of a perfect ruler.  In spite of the evidence to the contrary freedom is to be placed on the chopping block in favor of a stupid market theory that has failed time and again and has no consistent explanation for its existence.

The upside of this foolish movement is the more it becomes reality the more it exposes itself as a fraud.  The more discontent it breeds, the more revolt it will see.  Eventually all the mixtures and manipulations will be seen as futile and unworkable.  Eventually a coherent plan will emerge that moves in the direction of controlling the controllers.  When it is finally observed and recorded that governments can only disrupt the free market and not enhance it in any positive way the road will be clear to limit government to its protective duties from all criminal activity including the same acts by politicians. It will then be recognized that a decentralized approach with adherence to sound principles of government limitation and exclusion from economic intervention is the only option to counteract the failures of the centuries where government unrestrained galloped over producers and consumers with attempts to improve what they could only disrupt.

A controlled world economy is a contradiction in terms.  A world economy is the sum of all the transactions and calculations of millions of buyers and sellers voluntarily trading to their own benefit.  To institute an attempt to control such a massive market has the same fatal flaw as the local government that tries to fix the price of potatoes.  The market responds with adjustments that cause further disruption.   Set the price of potatoes too low and the potato producers withdraw their capital and place it where profit can be maximized.  Set the price too high and too many potato producers produce a surplus of potatoes, the free market price by way of the black market floods the market with potatoes sold for pennies.   The government attempted to keep the price of potatoes high and ended up with a glut of potatoes with a much lower price.  This is in essence what a government can do when it attempts to control the market.   The results are predictable and the pattern is consistent.  Put this simple example on a global scale and you can see how much corruption and chaos you will create.  The monetary system will collapse, the goods and services will be either over or under produced, distribution will be sporadic and unpredictable ( again look to the Soviet “experiment) and discontent will eventually bring revolt.

This vision has been portrayed many times but the blinders on those who don’t want a world where they cannot be cheered for their redistribution schemes keeps the movement alive.  The snake oil is still on the market and being hawked daily.  It is portrayed as possible by professors who never spent enough time in philosophy to understand that imagination does not translate into being possible.   It is splattered all over such publications as the New York Times who decided they needed to give a major voice to the nonsense of the professors by way of a cadre of accomplices fully indoctrinated to spread the malice of dead ideology.  Each day after perusing their editorial page you can envision the giggles that they got away with it another time. Even as the crisis is all around them and their very employment is endangered they continue to prattle about what can never be as if it could.

It is the idea of a controlled global economy that must be dissected and destroyed for the fallacy that it is.  It will not work.  It is immoral.  There is an alternative with much better credentials and history.  The voices that tout the alternative are largely ignored by those who cling to the premise that government is the answer to everything.  Like the fanaticism of Hitler who vowed to destroy Germany if he could not rule and conquer, the would be mini dictators of today scramble for a place of importance in the “New World Order” emerging by default.  There is no clever conspiracy moving in this direction only the blind willingness to imagine the impossible.  With a reality based alternative outlined and easily proven you can only assume many people are so sold on the immorality of sacrifice they anxiously want to implement humanity’s demise.  The voices they refuse to hear will not be silenced.  The ultimate power dream is about to be awakened to the real world we live in and the chains rearranged to limit that agency that clamps them on all but themselves.


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