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Yesterday’s Indiana Republican primary hints a greater likelihood Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for President. In consideration of the will of Indiana’s voters as they expressed it and especially in consideration of the resultant surprise announcement by Ted Cruz he is dropping out of the race, today is a day of reckoning for Conservatives. Ted Cruz will not be the Republican presidential nominee of 2016. Conservatives face settling for a “Conservative” less than pure, a Conservative who knows very little of the Constitution, and a Conservative who seems to rely wholly on what our Founders trusted implicitly, Common Sense. Will Conservatives get over their brand of conservatism to adopt another? More important. Will they move on to the proposition we are Americans first? Conservatives second? They need to, for the sake of their fellow Americans who want nothing to do with socialism and for those Americans who have not a clue what devastation the sons and daughters of Marx intend for the country we were born to love, but have grown more to worry over.

Conservatives should rally around Trump:

Because Republicans have abandoned Americans to invaders from without and impostors from within. To not at least consider this fact is a bit selfish on the part of Conservatives who insist only a pure Conservative should be our next President. Trump’s presidential bid announcement on June 16, 2015, when he asserted, “The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.” dealt with how we Americans must struggle to remain Americans. No other Republican spoke up about this. Trump did and took the heat. He didn’t back down. He argued we must control illegal immigration. We must vet all immigrants, including all Muslim immigrants. He promised to build a wall. He promised to help secure our national sovereignty.

Americans, if we don’t solve the problem of how Americans will remain Americans. If we do not do all we must to resist the dilution of our American population with those who have no desire to become Americans, we will become a diverse, unremarkable petrie dish of diversity in need of a tyranny to bind us together. Trump will build the wall. One way or another, Mexico will pay for it.

Because Republican voters have been betrayed by their party establishment and Conservatives alike. Despite promises to the contrary, every time the Tea Party and other Conservatives delivered the vote placing Republican leadership into majorities, the party as a whole failed them. Every battle before enjoined featured a white flag of surrender. Most notably, “We will not shut down the government.” Informed by dozens of Tea Party organizations before Romney lost, the IRS and other alphabet agencies were slow walking their legal paper work, Republicans kept a lid on it. Never said a word. Given Trump’s record, he would have said something. When challenged he would have doubled down and added more to the audacity of his accusations. He’s a builder, not a politician. He’s a pragmatist, not a schemer. He’s Buford Pusser, not Andy Griffith. The betrayed need Trump to right wrongs committed by those they placed in power.

Because Conservatives haven’t figured out how to defeat the Republican establishment. Everyone calls the greatest power the House was invested with by the Founders, “Shutting down the government.” How crass. But everyone does it. The media, the establishment of both parties, Conservatives, everyone. First, “shutting down the government” shuts down very little. It’s up to a vindictive or honorable President and others in office whether the deed is widespread or minimal. Second, “shutting down the government” is the last line of defense possessed by the legislative branch against those who would breach the separation of powers the founders established to preserve our republic. The last line of defense has been breached. Republicans have refused to use the most potent lawful device provided them to restore the Republic. Instead they went to court, a capitulation to the impostors, signifying they have given up the legislature for window dressing.

At least Conservatives could come around to calling the power of the purse by its proper name. Trump might give them the back bone, the gumption to do so. They certainly have not done so on their own. Conservatives in the House for several years have had the option of “Vacating the Chair.” They finally, very late in the course of things, after much pressure and embarrassment, replaced Boehner with Ryan. Then the Ryan budget. They failed to vacate the chair again at the first sign the Establishment would frown on them, prevent them from holding key positions of leadership. The weak and faint of heart need Trump.

Because Conservatives have not figured out how to counter political correctness. Trump has proven he is immune to charges of offending the politically incorrect. The racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic arrows and bullets bounce right off of him. While establishment and Conservative Republicans say something, blush, take it back, apologize, then avoid bringing the subject up ever again; Trump wins. Trump confounds. Trump persists. Trump pokes and prods. Trump goes where no politician “has gone before.” Shell shocked and PTSD challenged Republicans and Conservatives need Trump.

Notice a recurrent, overarching theme here? Republicans and Conservatives alike have proven they are afraid of their own shadows. They are incapable of governance when under fire. Faced with a Utopian tyranny they either don’t recognize  as a death sentence or they prefer because tyranny offers bigger and bigger government under their influence and control, they give up. Republicans and Conservatives alike have not made a single gain in seven plus years against Obama. They lack a single win. Pelosi still runs the House. Reid still runs the Senate. Republicans in the meantime have been collecting and donning the t-shirts of defeat, layers and layers of them. We’ve seen them waddle under the weight. To the left. To the right. Inevitably returning to the left again. Trump won’t be afraid to encourage our leaders to shed the t-shirts, to step out of the shadows, and to return to common sense governance once again.

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