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Many conservatives and republicans, are disappointed with Trumps low brow approach to winning the nomination, and now feel entitled to opt out.

To those who engage in esoteric debates of the best form of governance I say, learn to fish the shallow waters.  Trump is now the defacto leader of our party, and if we cannot learn this one thing from him, then we are failures as patriots.  There will always be another election, unless of course they come after our guns, and we enact the right of every free man to overthrow fascism.

Of course one can ask is this all for naught, that the New World Order one world government is unavoidable, and Trump will be a puppet like all the others since the killing of Kennedy ending the last attempt to regain sovereignty of US currency, an executive order revoked by Johnson.

Will the US become the Babylon of Revelations, or will God continue to bless our nation, in spite of our  of hedonistic values.

I can only say , while it may be inevitable our great nation will fall from within, those of us who stand in the watchtower, are still obliged to spread the alert, least the blood of the people be on our hands.  Since Trump has shown the ability to fish the shallow waters, then perhaps, we can learn from him, improve this skill, and at the very least, spread the message, that as patriots we must fight for a free republican democracy, a constitution honored as a contract between the governed and the government, not as a changing vague contract, but one with fixed boundaries on a ever greater central government.

For those foolish enough to abandon this endeavor, by  handing to the communist progressives the reigns of power, I say, they only hasten the day when the greatest nation ever on Gods green earth will submit to the New World Order.



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