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OMG if I have to listen to one more person bitch and moan about FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube I’m going to hurl both chunks and soup. It isn’t just one or two content creators either it is almost all of them and when they bitch and moan about it, they do it all at once. It’s enough already.

I used to have a FaceBook account but I deleted it 3 or 4 years ago (maybe it has been longer, time flies when you get up there in age). These persons complaining about FaceBook censors are complete morons because it isn’t news and the Zuck has been doing this for years and that is why I quit several years ago. I didn’t just walk away from my personal account either I was running several entertainment pages on FaceBook at the time.

But unlike the whiners who currently use FaceBook I had no intention of tolerating censorship of any kind so I packed up my bags and moved to Google+ and when they started shadow-banning I found other alternatives. The same with YouTube. Although I haven’t been able to completely escape YouTube videos (I blame that on many of the content creators I follow), I have substituted as much as I can with videos from BitCute and others.

But, but Facebook and YouTube have huge followings? Sure they do because no one has the brass balls to get up and leave their platforms. Imagine if every conservative dropped out of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These leftist corporations would go bankrupt in a New York minute. Still many of you grasp onto your lefty sites like they are pure gold. Talk about being brainwashed by a media platform.

Why are these people on these platforms after all this time? Have they no integrity? No honor? Or is it all just about the money? Maybe they should grow a set of balls. Whatever they do they should STFU about it.

The real problem here is that instead of bankrupting these fools, all this bitching and moaning will likely end up in some kind of internet regulations which Zuckerberg himself is pushing. When did government regulations ever make anything better? Regulations usually just cut the competitors out of the equation.

So for all you fools who use leftist platforms and sit around bitching about it all the time … please for the love of God keep it to yourselves and accept it. The fact that you haven’t left these platforms only proves that you have already accepted it anyway.

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