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Provocative TV show host Alex Jones and flame throwing radio shock jock Michael Savage got together to talk about President Trump’s decision to get involved with the war in Syria. Both men were (and still are) strong supporters of President Trump, but they are very worried about the direction that Trump’s foreign policy seems to be moving in .

MICHAEL SAVAGE: I haven’t turned against Trump, that is something the vermin on the left are trying to divide and conquer once again…

I never turned on Trump. I don’t know whether we can reach Trump. I don’t know who he is listening to.

ALEX JONES: I did talk to — Let’s just say I did get what the president thought this week. And I’ll tell you later. I know you just had dinner with him… You’ve got the floor, sir. Roll this out. Why you’re so concerned.

We’re not the only ones who see this. Let’s start with all the people you mentioned. Who is supporting this [war in Syria]? The worst people in the world are supporting Trump [in attacking Syria]. Fareed Zakaria, Mr. Crazy eyes. Lindsey Graham, the weirdest guy in the Senate, John McCain the psycho. When he speaks you can see insanity. They’re all saluting Donald Turmp. These are the people we hated before the election. These are the people we rejected. Now they’re on Trump’s side, along with the crypto pseudo conservatives in the radio industry? They hold themselves up as great conservatives while they’re screaming for war!

The world is upside down, if you can keep your head while everyone around you is losing theirs and blaming it on you, then you will be a man, my son. One of the greatest lines ever written…

We are being tested like we’ve never been tested before. I don’t know how we come out of this because I don’t know if Donald Trump is listening to anything anyone is saying, rather than this inner cadre around him. Somebody has turned him. Let’s look at the big picture–

In the period of only one week, because of a few propaganda photos of a terrible tragedy conducted by we don’t know whom, the president has now launched wars, or threats of wars, against three nations: China, Russia, North Korea.

For a smart man, why would he conduct these absurd limp-wristed missile strikes while the Chinese are sitting with him in Mar-a-Lago. Do they not understand protocol and diplomacy? I don’t understand. Do they understand that is probably one of the greatest breaches of diplomacy I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

This was like saying to the Chinese: Hello, small, stupid men with shiny heads. Are you enjoying my meal? F*** you. I just launched some missiles. Now what do you have to say about it? What kind of presidency is this?

ALEX JONES: I’ll agree it is very, very, very provocative.

SAVAGE: You’re being more diplomatic than I…

ALEX JONES: Every veteran I talk to… 85% of the audience is absolutely freaked out about what is happening.

I’ll tell you who Trump listens to. Late at night after they’ve taken his phone away, they only let negative stuff go on Twitter. He listens to Michael Savage, he listens to Infowars, he looks at Drudge Report probably more than us combined. Let’s just say it.

SAVAGE: How does he listen to me if I’m not on the air?”

JONES: He looks up clips on YouTube. I know for a fact. The point is, he does listen to you. I got a phone call this weekend from somebody –let’s leave it at that– saying we’re not going to have a no-fly zone, we’re not going to have a war, Rex Tillerson is going to come out and dial this back…. And notice Tillerson has now done that. I said that Sunday… It is now happening… Heis listening to you. Speak directly to the president: Go ahead!

MICHAEL SAVAGE: Oh my God. Hello President Trump. You said I should live another 25 years when you put your arm around me at Mar-a-Lago. I hope you need it because I could use another 25 minutes the way I feel.

Tillerson is misleading you. I have no idea why people don’t see through that man. It is so plain you don’t have to be a genius to see what’s going on here. What does Exxon-Mobil gain if they cut Syria out of the gas lines they’re running from the Middle East to Europe?

What does Exxon-Mobil gain from this?

That’s the whole story in a nutshell. It’s another war for oil!

It is all over again…

I have not changed my position. It is the same exact thing. We can not let crazed, insane businessmen who put their bottom line ahead of the planet — And I’m talking about Rex Tillerson. Did you vote for Rex Tillerson?

… I did not elect him, I did not kill myself for a year. I have total faith in Donald Trump, and I’ll repeat what I said to him: I will do anything for that man. But I don’t understand how he can not see through all the president’s men. They’re misleading him. They’re leading him down a path he can’t come back from.

If he loses you, and he loses me, what will he have?

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