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I am sure many of you are concerned, as I am, about the situation in No. Korea. But I think it is not fair to blame this on the current administration, as some will do if things go sour.

Remember, we had Obama and his Socialistic administration for eight years, apologizing to many other world- wide Nations, for the “oppressive” actions of the U.S.A., and the involvement in the regime changes. We went no-where that we were not requested. Please remember that. The History of the Middle East, and China, for the past ten or twenty years speaks the truth about results of our policy’s involving President Obama, President Bush Jr., and President Clinton. Now these, like many other issues, are left on the shoulders of the current day administration under President Trump. He has brought on the very best of advisors to help him. He has abandoned the practice of political policies determining the military strategy. In short, he has stopped the “micro-managing” by the Politicians, of several very important departments. I like that. His and his advisors are focusing on the security of the nation and the its residents.

It is time to say “Politics be Damned!!” No more appointments by Nepotism and friendships. Put in the experts. And let us keep reminding the Legislators that they are there to represent their Constituents, not their Party, not the Lobbyist or their financial backers. It’s nice to have their money behind you, but don’t let them BUY you. In doing so, they are basically saying “to hell with them, take care of me!!” Our vote put you there; your reputation will tell us how you are doing. Perhaps you may consider, by a Legislative action, to put a cap on campaign spending. Keep it level for all. Stop throwing money away on unnecessary spending. Self-ingratiating has become your legacy. You vote in your own pay raises, your vacations and recesses, your term lengths, and your Health Care Benefits. You have been put there “ the people…for the people..” and don’t you forget it!
We put you in, we can take you out! And the time has come that you will see more of that. The American people have finally awakened to your arrogance and selfishness. You have lied to the Citizenry long enough.

We have now a President that is not a Politician. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to force him into the Political environment. Let him manage our Nation as allowed by our Constitution.

President Trump and the entire administration have now a tremendous responsibility for our safety. Do not underline it with your sour grapes, and your selfish pushing of personal agendas. We must now or never come together as one. Stop acting so immature as to think that all must bow to your wishes and preferences. The current climate of violent protests, encouraged and incited by many of the Liberal Democrats, folks that have not had the maturity nor intelligence to realize that their actions are directly related to the presumptous and arrogant attitude of our enemies.

We have more than one Political party within our Nation. But when our Legislature convenes, you MUST remember that you are there for the American people; not your Party or your financial backers within the Lobbying section.

When the American people are anxiously awaiting a decent and acceptable Health Insurance, don’t you dare go on ‘recess’ or vacation. Have you ever seen the Military take a complete vacation whenever they choose? Does your Doctor take vacation without leaving someone to cover for him? Did your Mother take a sick day off regardless of what you may need? Why do you put yourself so above these highly respected and dedicated individuals. You have done it this year (2017); DON’T EVER DO IT AGAIN!

Take your vacations and any needed time off when it is convenient to your Legislative schedule, not to yourself. Yours is a 24/7 job, just as the Military and your Mother, and yes, the President and his administration.

Ladies and Gentlemen of our Legislative Department, I do not ask; I do not demand; I simply request that you uphold the promise/oath taken by you, under the Constitution. Your next election depends on it.

This post was first published at the Thurman Review.

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