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To Congress: All Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Progressives, Green Party members, and any others I may have missed.

That’s right. I want to send a very specific message to as many as I can. I know you’re “busy” and have a lot to do. I want everyone to hear this! So close your mouths and open your ears and eyes!

I am just one constituent, with one vote. I have begun to believe that it may require more than my one vote to “carry my message.” I think it’s important that I be heard by you and the many others who may share my thoughts. Thank God for Free Speech!

I am not usually a very political person. But I have become more involved with the election this year than I ever have been in the past. I have always been able to vote for the candidate I believed was most qualified. That candidate does not exist this year, so far. [And please don’t ask me to recommend anyone]. It was easier back then, because, even though some of the choices offered were not good, I felt as though my vote would not be for naught. This year I don’t feel like I have been given a viable realistic choice. I am expected to vote – That is my privilege. . The “lesser of two evils” decision is absurd. Why, on earth, would anyone want to recommend supporting EVIL? Compromising my conscience is not an option for me; nor is voting to keep the other candidate out of office a solution. There’s much more wrong with this country. What ever happened to POSITIVE reasons for electing a leader?

It is important to me to fight for principles. If you need me to enumerate them for you, here they are:

Individual rights, LIMITED Government, Free enterprise, Personal Responsibility, Self-sufficiency, strong National Defense, Lasting Constitution.

Let me bring it to your attention that these are the same principles on which this country and its Constitution are based. So, why would I vote for a Presidential candidate who DOES NOT live, work, or act according to the laws in that document? That’s the most irrational thing I’ve ever heard of. The Highest Officials should certainly obey the Highest Law of the land. The oath required for the office requires swearing to support, defend, and uphold these principles.

Perhaps some of you have already figured that out. And for those of you who are on the ballot this year, distancing yourselves from the Presidential race might be a smart idea if you want to stay where you’re at. Personally, I believe that the entire bureaucracy needs a thorough house-cleaning. I hope your individual credentials and beliefs are better than what is being exposed at the top of the food chain. You’ll need to stand for something other than ‘Party Unity’ to retain your seat. The Public is investigating your performance more and more lately. How well have you done? What is your “favorable” percentage? Both Presidential candidates have a really high Unfavorable rating – around 70% or so. Should we elect someone that ¾ of the people polled don’t like? Where is the logic in that?

Remember when you took your Oath of Office? Do you think you have lived up to it? Let me remind you what you said:

“I, (name of Member), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God” (5 U.S.C. §3331).

This Oath demands (does not ‘request’] that you faithfully discharge your duties. Your duties and responsibilities include:
1) Borrowing Money (authority over financial and budgetary matters)
2) lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises
3) Paying the country’s debt
4) Regulating commerce
5) Developing a uniform system of laws (making new laws, changing existing laws)
6) Providing for the safety of its citizens (raising and supporting armed forces,)
7) Establishing the Post Office
8) Declaring war

The fact that you have the “power of the Purse” gives you additional influence in these matters. It’s like giving your kids money if they don’t do their chores. What is the sense in that? What are you teaching them? Irresponsibility pays?  Incorporating your individual special projects into our laws (surely to guarantee re-election) must STOP.
Your duties are to be done WITH THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, not the Lobbyists. There are far too many citizens who try to express their thoughts to you – who feel like their voice is never heard. When did y’all quit listening? All we hear from you is a deafening silence! We are the people who got you where you are – regardless of any bribes, favors, or anything thing else (usually dishonest or illegal) to persuade you to “Think like this”. The Framers didn’t authorize PAC’s or SUPER-DELEGATES. Y’all came up with that! Unfortunately, it’s true that Money talks. We need to get the money out of Politics.

I feel certain that The Founders believed that their standards and ethics would be carried forward during the country’s growth. They did not foresee that “popularity” would be a deciding influence in an election, and that GRAFT would replace their more altruistic principles. They did not envision a government driven largely by profits, secondarily by lack of backbone, and thirdly by administrative agencies (Alphabet soup) too numerous to count. WHAT HAPPENED TO PROTECTING OUR LIBERTIES, AND ACTING FOR THE COMMON GOOD?
Obviously the Founders thought y’all had a significant function – they created your branch first in Article One. It says that you have ALL LEGISLATIVE POWERS. They entrusted the nation’s behavior in your hands.


I cannot involve myself in the simply disgusting, organized, dishonest, unethical aura of politics that exits today. I’m just surprised that y’all do. I think the Public is sick and tired of being abused.

How dare you put your own self – seeking interests ahead of the constituents you claim to represent?

I support my country. I can’t support principles that I regard as unacceptable! I need to defend it against its enemies, as you should. Sometimes I think of you as the enemy. Is this one of those times? Only you can answer this for certain.

I also can’t be a slave to my government. Slavery was outlawed long ago. I resent being ‘held hostage’ by self-seeking, dysfunctional individuals who change colors when their security is threatened. Your job is to protect our liberties. Please tell me how you current behavior is accomplishing this?

Enough verbiage about Congress. Just wanted you to look at yourselves as others see you. If you have any principles at all, you will do the right thing! Do I have to tell you what that is? Please don’t ask me to do that, either.

The President enforces the laws you enact. He is successively circumventing our law-making process. Perhaps this is due to the fact that out of approximately 150 bills that he sponsored while in the Senate, only 2 became law. (Might makes Right?) The president is designated commander in chief, with the authority to direct the military. What a scary thought! The Constitution unambiguously states that “Congress shall have power to…declare War.” He has the power of ‘appointment. (By and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate) One of these is the appointment of Judges to the Supreme Court. Why you don’t appropriately withhold your consent remains a mystery to me, only delaying the inevitable…

The Supreme Court is the final judge in all cases involving laws of Congress, and the highest law of all — the Constitution. It IS most important to appoint a Conservative Justice. The Judiciary confirms that our laws are NOT IN OPPOSITION to the Founding Fathers principles. The Supreme Court, however, is far from all-powerful. It DOES NOT make the laws.  Its power is limited by the other two branches of government. The President nominates justices to the court, and the Senate Advises and Consents (or not)

At least that’s what they taught in MY Civics class! Civics, if you remember, is the study of the rights and duties of citizenship. Do we even teach civics in school today? If you have citizenship in a country, you have the right to live there, work, vote, and pay taxes. Here, we are also guaranteed the inalienable rights. Perhaps we should return to “Yesteryear”. Keeping the electorate [and sometimes the politicians and Congress] ‘uninformed” is an excellent way to implement a private agenda. Again, this is not how we’re supposed to do things. It does not conform to previously established American principles.

Where do we go from here? I recommend backing up – Rewinding, – or Rebooting, if you prefer. Get back to basics. Do what we’re supposed to do. That’s what will make America great again!

That’s adhering to our principles.

I also feel that sending this everywhere for maximize coverage is important – The Rush Limbaughs, Mark Levins, Tea Party members, Constitutional Conservatives, etc. I’m not sure how to do this, but it is imperative that we educate each other, and stand together to take America back. You can either be with us or against us. Your choice!

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